April 24th, 2006

Chicago - cell block tango

Just another horrible Monday.

At least the weekend was nice.

On Friday, Paul and I went to Tori's for drinking and conversation, which was pleasant. We got sat on by their Staffs. terrier, Stella, ignored by their cat, and drank far too much wine. As a result, I have discovered that Paul Masson wine makes me incredibly hungover, which is a shame, because it's nice.

In the afternoon, I'd met him in Pij before heading back to his house, where we thoroughly confused the cashier in HMV by trying to swap an unwanted item for three wanted items that came to 2p less...

On Saturday we went into town and spent most of the afternoon in the Yard of Ale, playing - as usual - on their ItBox. I think we got more games out of it than our money's worth, though. The theory is if we play the damneded thing long enough, we'll learn the answers to all of the questions.

After that we... went to the cinema, I think, but the only thing vaguely worth watching at the Odeon (the two decent cinemas being bloody miles away, obviously) was Scary Movie 4, and that didn't start for 20 minutes, so we went to the Briar instead and played on their ItBox.

Back to mine after a detour to Tesco to get some more wine (we had a very alcoholic weekend), where we watched Constantine with my mum and David. Quite visually good, but you need a Hell of a lot of prior knowledge in theology to even begin to follow the plot...

Sunday, we all took my grandmother out for a birthday lunch (her birthday's actually today) at the Old House At Home (six meals for the price of three, woo!), where we had - you guessed it - another bottle of wine between us, and I had half a starter, a steak, and a dessert. Far too much food, but very nice anyway.

After that and after my grandmother and Robin had left, we played Scrabble and Mousetrap - the latter of which is far more entertaining when you're 5, apparently - and more Scrabble, whilst half-watching the Ricky Gervais episode of The Simpsons and knocking wine all over the carpet. I'm a clumsy drunk when I'm tired and full of food... I also suck horribly at Scrabble for the same reason, which is annoying considering I kicked Paul's arse at it last week.

We also failed to win the lottery for the 15th week in a row, or thereabouts...

And this morning? This morning, after my lovely week off work, I came in to find an enormous backlog, in addition to the new task I have to implement next week of chasing up the transfers from SHAO, and the board not done, even though Cynthia said she'd do it on Friday as I was off. Yeah, great. Also, I can't access my email because mail servers 01-05 are dead as a dodo, and, whilst I was leaving Vel and Natasha's office carrying a file, Sandra arrived and ploughed straight through me without even an 'excuse me', let alone a' good morning'.

Seriously, the sooner one of us leaves, the better. I'm sure Tina H is getting as sick of my moaning as I am.
Photo - leaves

Why don't drivers know roads?

This afternoon, aside from the backlog I have to get through, I was mostly engaged in making a map, with the aid of The AA and online maps.  This was to assist Amanda in getting from her home in Kingstanding to Chamberlain House in Moseley, given that she didn't know the Pershore Road and only knew the Bristol Road instead.  Cue lots of printing, piecing together, red marker pen and sellotape...

If she gets lost now, I'll be very surprised.  On the other hand, she's more likely to get pulled over for staring bewilderedly at a map instead of the road...

That's actually about it.  Although I was randomly struck with something lyric-like for no apparent reason.  Given that I don't write lyrics, this is incredibly annoying, but I put it here for people's benefit (and mine, in future, I suppose) anyway:

You hold it together though you're falling apart.

Yes, that's it.  I certainly can't make anything coherent out of it, but it's quite pretty...

I'm tired.  I might play online games for a bit and then watch Bottom Live 2.