April 25th, 2006

Christine - pity

Have a break...

...have a LiveJournal.

Hm, not quite as catchy as "have a Kit Kat".

But I am, nonetheless, having a break. I've typed 8 sets of minutes today, pretty much non-stop except for half an hour for lunch and a couple of small conversations. Oh, and sending a fax, which was an unfortunate necessity due to email being dead.

There was a fire, apparently. In the server room. It doesn't help that my mailbox is apparently on one of the least reliable servers they seem to have. But it has meant that I can't check or send any email, which has meant resorting to the ever faithful (heh) floppy discs to hand over minutes to Chairs. And also, Carefirst doesn't work, either. All in all, rather a shambles.

Why can't the bloody phones ever give up the ghost when things like this happen?

The really annoying thing is I can't access birmingham.gov.uk or any of its pages because it's housed on one of the dead servers. And I had a couple of job applications to send off today, because today's the closing date. I thought it was Friday, because I'm stupid, but that's beside the point. I'll have to try and access it at home and hope it works from there, but I don't hold out much hope - and besides, I need to re-write the application form blurb again.

Although having said that, I've rather lost the will to live on the job hunting side of things. They all want at least two years of experience and I only have 22 months, so they won't even get through the initial shortlisting stage.

Have I mentioned enough times this month how much I HATE job-hunting?

The only reason I'm even doing it is because it's reached the point where it's either Sandra or me. I can't work with her and I have no intention of putting up with more of her crap without anything being done about it. The crap is sporadic, but it comes in large bursts and only serves to make me angry and frustrated... which is, unfortunately, also the reaction I have to searching through job pages and applying for things.

On the plus side, I discovered today that the temporary contract I thought I was on was, in fact, only temporary, and since finishing my probationary period I have now been recommended for the permanent position. Which I think I may have been told and forgotten all about, but it's still nice to know.

Bah. Work sucks. Real life is evil. Find me a nice big rock to crawl under or bash my head into a bloody pulp with. Now, please.