April 26th, 2006

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Miscellaenous things.

Well, everything server-related is working again this morning... except, of course, my email. I'm on BCCMail01. You'd think they'd fix the first server, um, first.

My slim hope that they might have extended the closing date on the job/s I was going to apply for - due to the website being non-functional yesterday - was dashed to the rocks. Having still heard nothing about the one in Legal, I'm really not holding out much hope. I'm hereby giving up on the finding-a-new-job front for at least another couple of months. It's not worth the bloody energy expenditure.

Amanda and Cynthia are on a minute-taking training day thingy today (hence the making-a-map on Monday) so it's just me and Sandra today. Oh, joy. I need to phone Tina H and tell her/ask her if I can have half of next Tuesday and all of Wednesday as flex/annual leave, since my email's blantantly not going to be accessible this side of 2007...

Also, wow, I'd forgotten how annoying getting three buses was. Which is really quite bad, considering I've only been getting the train into work (via town - the bus is marginally more reliable the other way) for about a week...

This morning I had a very strange dream; I can't be bothered to do another post about it, so I'll stick it under a cut. Collapse )


Okay, Sandra just walked in. I swear the room just got physically colder... No, I'm not kidding.


Collapse )

The whole thing left me feeling quite uneasy, for some reason, probably because it didn't really end properly... COnsidering it was so fragmented, I'm surprised at how much I remember.

Sandra has now gone away again to minute a combined meeting for six children. And, as usual, she hasn't said a single word to me all morning. Ho-hum. At least I can do my work in peace without one of her annoying phonecalls going on in the background.

Oh, and this morning I was rung by Chris Wilson at Silvermere. He Chaired a meeting for us the other week and I typed the minutes for him yesterday and faxed them over (due to being without email) for amending. There was only one amendment, and he was incredibly impressed. My reputation now extends further. :)
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I think that may have just made my morning.

I just finished typing a tape from Vel. She finished the report but must've forgotten to stop recording, because it carried on for the remaining minute or so of the tape and revealed her battled with a flying insect. I heard "Get out of here!" and "The window's open!" quite distinctly. :)

I'm not entirely sure whether to be amused, or terrified that this is the single highlight of my day...

The downside is, I just tried to open a file off the P drive - to help out a completely useless Social Worker who is always completely incapable of finding these things for herself - and it crashed my entire PC. Luckily, Word auto-recovered 90% of the document I'd been typing...
Photo - leaves

All I need is the gold lamé, the elaborate staircase...

...and about 25 more years, and I could be Norma Desmond.

(Sorry about the blurriness; I couldn't be bothered to mess with the digital camera so I used the webcam.  It could do with a bit of exercise anyway. :P)

There was going to be a longish rant here about idiots in cars who think it's funny/cute to beep their horn at you.  But since having a shower has mellowed me out, it'll be slightly shorter.

I was beeped at whilst walking up the main road after work earlier.  This is annoying at the best of times, since my instinct is to look and then realise they're beeping at someone else entirely - except this time, I was confronted by some idiot gawping at me and waving.  No, I didn't know them.  I was wearing tight-ish jeans (not by choice; my arse has expanded) and was the only female on the pavement, but that's no excuse.  The male argument at this point would be "You should be flattered" - screw that, thank you very much.  My argument is that blokes who beep their car horns at women on the street should have said car horns wired into their privates so they get a similar shock when they decide to beep at said women.  Negative conditioning and all that.

Because, y'see, when I've just left work, am listening to my MP3-er and am also tired and grumpy, when I get a sudden shock like a loud noise, my first instinct is to lash out and kill things.  In which case, the idiot waving at me should be very glad he was safely behind the protective body of the car, and that he wasn't stuck in traffic.

Also annoying was the fact that I had to wait for the next train because the 5.35ish, peak time train from Snow Hill to Stourbridge Junction was two carriages long, so by the time it'd even left bloody Snow Hill it was rammed.  I suspect it may also have been late, as the next one turned up a lot sooner than I was expecting.  That one wasn't much better, either, being only three carriages long, but that one carriage makes a hell of a difference.  Whose bright bloody idea was that, anyway?  Yes, encourage people to use public transport, but make sure it's unreliable, uncomfortable, and generally unpredictable before you do so.  I wish I was that clever.  Really.

Er, yes.  Despite this, all is now well in the world, as we're having exotic-sounding sausages and mash for tea (some of them have cheese in!) and if I'm not exhausted tomorrow I'll be going to see butterflyburn's band, Sinistra, at Scruffy Murphy's tomorrow.  In which case, I apologise in advance if I don't make it...

Message end.