May 8th, 2006

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A quite fortuitous weekend.

Hm. Interesting. This weekend has been quite lucky all around, really. Friday was MGM-night, which saw a greater turn out than last time and more people at the Flapper than I've ever seen in my whole life. Probably because it was the first warm, summery day we've had in months and everyone headed for the nearest beer garden.

We discovered that the Flapper's ItBox, at least on Friday, was set up for idiots, since we put two quid in and played at least 8 games off that because the Ant and Dec game kept giving us the Back To School category. As a result, we decided to come back to it at another time and win lots of money.

The evening was quite subdued, all things told. We were informed by Tom that the Inline forum is now being fully investigated and they're targetting the top 10 posters. Once again, this makes me quite angry. The fact that nobody had the foresight to realise the 'chat' privilege would be abused is bad enough; trying to make up for their own stupid mistake now is just plain ridiculous. It means that good workers are being penalised and investigated just because - god forbid - they tried to stop their brain from leaking out of their ears during work hours. If the investigators actually looked at productivity, they'd probably find it was higher for those using the forum.

Anyway. I won't get started; the entire thing makes me very annoyed and it's not worth the energy.

On Friday afternoon, I came home to find a letter on the kitchen counter inviting me to a 'work-based assessment' for that Legal typist job I applied for. Not sure if it's just the assessment or whether there's an interview as well, but either way it's this frelling Wednesday at 11.30. I think they literally got that letter out within their 4-week timescale, just when I'd given up any hope of hearing back at all. This has resulted in my feeling rather apathetic and meh about the prospect of the entire thing, especially given I know nothing about Legal and didn't bother to do any research because I didn't expect to get this far. So, yeah. I have to look presentable in two days. Considering I look and feel like a large blob, this isn't going to be very fun.

Saturday we did nothing except play Scrabble. All day. 10 games, and the second tournament. Plus a trip to the off licence for wine and a lottery ticket. We had a very nice spaghetti bolognese with home-made garlic bread for tea, though.

Sunday we played some more Scrabble in the morning (help, am trapped in addiction) and then went to the Flapper to kill their ItBox. We won £8.00 out of it, stuck a couple of those into the pool table, and then put the rest back in again. The coins were sticky and disgusting because someone had spilt something horrible in the collecting tray. Nice. The bar staff are tramps, obviously.

Upon leaving the Flapper, we heard a Very Angry Man shouting into his mobile phone about how he'd been stranded in Birmingham. He then threw his phone into a hedge and shouted "What are you looking at?!" to an innocent Chinese bloke who was walking on the other side of the road and not even looking at him. Purposely, I imagine. We shuffled behind him (going in a different direction, luckily) with our heads down trying not to giggle, as he was clearly in search of someone's head to kick in by that point...

We went to Sports Cafe expecting it to be empty, only to find it completely full. Damn. So instead we went to Sainsbury's on Broad Street to get some wine, except they'd sold out of the nice rosé they'd had on Friday. Cue a trip (and a long walk) to the off licence once back home, to get crisps as well.

More Scrabble. Which resulted in an argument, somehow, and with arguing also going on downstairs, I wasn't a very happy camper, to say the least. Mum and David are arguing about money because our water heater's given up the ghost (the shower is heated separately, luckily), and they need to get rid of the lock-up. So basically they now want me to move out as quickly as possible so they can get rid of the stuff in the lock-up, and Paul and I still don't have a frelling timescale on when we can move in. Being in this endless limbo is almost worse than not getting the flat at all...

However, on the plus side, we checked the lottery numbers last night and discovered we'd won a tenner. It only took, oh, four months...
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