May 9th, 2006

Christine - I can't escape


I hardly got any sleep last night.  I was tired when I went to bed at about 10.00, read for an hour (currently reading A Brother's Journey by Richard B Peltzer, brother of the famous David A Child Called It Peltzer.  Like the trilogy, it's addictive, car-crash syndrome reading) and then spent another two hours trying to sleep.

I think I must've just passed out from sheer frustration at some point, as I woke up again some hours later when it was just about light (probably about 5.30; it usually is) with a crick in my neck to end all cricks.  I fell asleep on my back with my head at a strange angle.  So I moved my head about cautiously to unstiffen it, and fell asleep again - this time on my side - until my alarm went off.

Went to work via Tesco to get some more butter for work.  Tuna sandwiches and a cornflake cake (a biscuit-shaped one) for lunch.  Mm. :)

So, yes.  Tired.  I suspect it's stress/worry about this impending work assessment tomorrow.  I rang up this morning to confirm my attendance (should have done that on Monday, whoops) and was then rung by someone else from the team to ask if I was coming.  She sounded nice enough. I'm hoping it won't be too bad.  Presumably, if I pass this assessment then they'll invite me back for an interview.  Considering I wasn't even expecting to get this far, it's quite surprising.

Anyway, that's tomorrow.  My hair is now straightened.  I need to shave my legs, and hope my graduation suit still fits.  Stupid expanding arse.

Tina R caused some more chaos today.  Vel is leaving on Thursday.  Her - or rather, Liz H's - diary is full of meetings that will need Chairing.  We have no Chair.  Tina R decides to tell us today that we'll have to spread the 18 meetings for the month across Natasha and Shafiq's diaries.  Luckily, Natasha can cover nine of them without us having to move them, and the rest will have to be reconvened.  Joy.  Amanda has threatened for herself and Sandra to stop minuting because they won't have time to do both that and reconvening, never mind their other duties.  It's not just as simple as moving a meeting - you have to find a place to put it, check that the Social Worker can make it, possibly move it again (repeat ad nauseum), telephone people or send out invitations, and then wait for the complaints to roll in...

So, end point, if they stop minuting meetings, the Chairs have to do them, which means I have to type them, and I'm only just finishing the backlog from my week off at Easter.

Also, Amanda said today that Tina H is handing over some of her staff to Carole Sefton (her equivalent at Silvermere) to reduce her workload a bit.  Two of them are me and Cynthia.  Er, okay.  I presume she's going to tell me this on Thursday in my supervision.  I suspect this is because I keep whinging about Sandra, so if we have different supervisors there's nothing that can really be done.  Which sucks.  But nevertheless, I'm telling her about that Invitations Saga from a month or so back (where she blamed me for something that was her fault), probably off the record, because even if nothing gets done about it, I will at least have told someone.

Part of me really hopes I get this legal job.  Part of me just wants everyone else in HoB Children's Services to STFU, piss off, and new workers to come in that I can mould to my evil plans get along with on a regular basis.

I also sent off for an application pack for a General Assistant job in a school in Harborne.  It's only Scale 2 and term-time only, unfortunately, which would mean getting bar work during school holidays.  But the prospect of term-time only is still very appealing, despite the money.  We'll see.  It's annoying that school jobs never have online application packs, though.  They encourage you to apply online, and even though the application form is there, there's no job description so you can easily see what you're applying for - and, the Council being the cheaparses they are, it takes five working days to get to you.  And they don't email them, because they're not in electronic form.  Every other Directorate manages it, for crying out loud...

Bah.  Anyway.  We're having home-made fish pie for tea (with cauliflower and broccoli mash with cheeeeese on top!) so I'll sign this off, and spend the evening not panicking and not thinking about the impending assessment tomorrow.  Oh, and finding out how to claim that tenner we won on the Lottery.
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