May 11th, 2006

MH - little boy lost

Work assessment and other things.

So, the work-based assessment I had on Wednesday morning took a grand total of 20 minutes, plus the 35 I was waiting in reception because I was early.  10 minutes were a proof-reading test, 5 minutes for copy-typing, and 5 minutes for audio.  I finished the audio-typing with no problem, finished most of the copy-typing (as far as I could tell), and finished the proof-reading, though that was tricky because I have no idea how legal minutes are meant to be laid out, and they're not like CP minutes.  I corrected the spelling and punctuation errors, at least.

Anyway, the outcome of the assessment will indicate whether they invite me back for an interview, so I'll just sit and wait, I suppose.

Today was Vel's last day before she goes on maternity leave, so we had a leaving lunch for her.  Except she had an antenatal appointment and didn't make it back to the office in time, so she bought cakes for us instead.  We sat and ate them on the lawn outside the office.  Quite pleasant.  She hugged everyone when she left and is looking forward to coming back in January because we're all so much more helpful and efficient than Greencoat House.  Once people come to Ladywood, they never want to leave.

Also, Liz D will be returning to us in about four months as well.

I'm not sure, if I do get this job in Legal, if I'll go for it.  I went into this only really hoping for the interview experience, but the offices for Legal Services make Children's Services (that's the accepted abbreviation, by the way) look like cardboard boxes.  All their PCs have Windows XP and flat-screen monitors.  It's not fair.  And anyway, Vel's really nice and Liz Davis is brilliant fun to have around the office, and if Sandra's going part-time in September that'll be half of the problem gone... I just don't know.  But I suppose I'll cross that bridge when it's built.

I'm very tired today.  I'm not sleeping well again, most likely because I'm stressed over the possibly impending interview.  Annoying.

Tomorrow I'm going to see an amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors with herringprincess and wrysprygoat, and obviously with Paul as well.  On Satuday he's abandoning me to go to a gig, which I just don't have the energy for, and we don't have a plan beyond that.  I fear the nostalgia Little Shop will bring, but I'm very intrigued as to the differences between this production and the one I saw in 2003, that was designed for the little theatre in Leeds.  I dug out the programme the other day to show Paul and waves of memories swept over me: 21 years old, broke, not caring, and trapped in a self-induced agony of infatuation.  Because, I'm sure, we all remember Ye Faga of Jeremy.  Even so, it'll also remind me of trapping him in conversation for about half an hour and being probably the happiest fangirl on the planet.  It's a moment that comes second only to James Marsters hugging me (twice!) at SFX 2002.

Sigh.  Nostalgia is a funny thing, really.

I should probably stop typing this entry before it becomes any more rambling and nonsensical.  There's lots of things buzzing around my brain at the moment that I feel a need to vent, but I'll just that down to PMT and not bore you all with it...

Check f-list; play mindless games; sleep.  That looks like a plan.
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