May 15th, 2006

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For some reason, whenever I complain about being uninspired and unable to write, I manage to write something. The something being about four paragraphs of random Buffyfic for the end of "Broken Record", which I'm never going to get to use because I'll never get that far, but anyway. It's something.

So, an update.

Friday was boring at work. In the evening, Paul and I saw an amateur production of Little Shop of Horrors with Alison and Drew. Quite good, all things told. Audrey and Seymour were both good, though there were a few glitches with microphones and horrible accents. I think they may have stolen the Audrey II handpuppet from the production I saw in Leeds and painted it yellow... either that or there's a company somewhere that specialises in Audrey IIs...

So that was entertaining. It was by the Crossed Keys Musical Theatre Co., who apparently meet somewhere in Acocks Green. Am half-considering phoning up for an audition, but this may have to wait until Paul and I are in situ in Kings Heath, as it's nearer...

After the show, we dragged Ali and Drew to the Wellington, where Gobby Paul hurled some abuse at us, called us "the camp table" and likened me to Nana Miskouri. He also tried to make us get up and do karaoke as it was fairly empty in the back room. We left at about 11.30 (to a "T'ra, wenches!"), convinced that we could get a 45 on Bristol Road and then realising we'd have to walk half a mile to get one... luckily, the last one was at 00.13 so we were home reasonably early, and without the inconvenience of a taxi.

One good thing to come out of the evening was some confirmation that Asa/Vanilla is back from wherever he went off to at Hallowe'en, and our Pride Weekend is now sorted out. Vanilla's doing a show on Friday night so we'll be at that, then follow the parade on Saturday and most likely end up at the Welly again, and then Vanilla's on again on Monday night. God bless Council Tuesdays. :D

All this, of course, is money- and energy-dependant. I need to adjust my rainbow flares so that I can walk in them, but at least I've found my bandana from last year.

Saturday was quite sedate. I went home at about 5.00ish because Paul was going to a gig at the Market Tavern and I didn't have the energy for it. Instead, I stayed in, did some embroidery (nearly finished the blue!) and watched Hide and Seek, starring Robert de Niro and Dakota Fanning. Which was actually quite good, and at least I know now that Dakota Fanning isn't just another annoying child actress, as she's really quite good.

David fell asleep twice during the duration and subsequently missed the twist at the end... and didn't understand the film. He was, of course, wide awake again afterwards when he realised Independence Day was on. We're trying to educate him with some decent films, but it's just not happening. I suppose I should be glad we got control of the evening's viewing for once. Makes a bloody change. :P

I went back to Paul's on Sunday (horrendous journey there with buses being late), where we watched EastEnders and "Backwards" of Red Dwarf, then went into town to waste money in the Flapper's ItBox. I have learnt that I can play much better pool on American tables as opposed to rubbish little British pub ones. So there we go.

We watched a couple more episodes of Red Dwarf once back (or was it one?) whilst eating half of a gigantic cheesy-mash bolognese. We had the other half for lunch today.

The weather is horrible... possibly I'd be feeling better about it if I was wearing a hoody of some description, rather than a velvet blazer. Oh well.

Quite a nice weekend, really. I think next weekend should be quiet and sedate to save energy for Pride...
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MH - take my hand - D/Y

Do I have a sign over my head or something?

Another journey home from work, another idiot driver.  This time I was on the paved bit halfway across the dual carriageway and the driver of the last car before I crossed was grinning out of the window at me like a moron.  I mean, seriously.  Twice in the space of as many weeks.  This is getting annoying.

In other news: quiet evening, spent doing more embroidery and half-watching UK Food because David's in charge of the remote as usual.  I feel horrible and bloated from too much food.  Possibly should start eating bran flakes again.

Going to Paul's tomorrow as it's the 16th (13 months!) and because I can't see him Wednesday due to the Bloody Football taking over everyone's lives as usual.  I may barricade myself in my bedroom with a DVD instead.  Anyway, tomorrow we are also celebrating his pay rise, as this means we'll be able to afford the flat and random luxuries.  Talking of which, I saw some gorgeous throw cushions in Urban Outfitters this morning.  May have to go and see how much they are.

In other random news, I was hunting for GP surgeries near the flat, and the nearest one, literally a road away, is owned/run/whatever surgeries are by cloudjuice's mum.  How's that for coincidental? :)

I think I'll lumber around online for a bit and then read some more of Legacy, which is proving to be very good already.  I'd forgotten just how engaging Susan Kay is an author.  I wonder whatever happened to her?
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