May 18th, 2006

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In another turn-up for the books, I've been offered an interview for the Legal job, right when I thought I'd messed the whole thing up royally.

It's next Tuesday. Meh. I need to get my mum to alter those black trousers she gave me (they're about a foot too long) so I can look snazzy in my mini-tailcoat suit...

Still pondering what to do about the possible CPA job now that I've calmed down...

In other news, I decided to dig out my video of The Phantom Treehouse last night for some unfathomable reason, and discovered it was on the end of The Land Before Time (number 1 of 17 million - the original and best). This was the first film ever to make me cry. I was about 8 years old. And for some reason, it still does. I'm 24, for crying out loud! I'm not allowed to cry at a frelling Don Bluth animation!

So, anyway, I then discovered that Treehouse was actually after The Water Babies - the mad 1960s version with Christopher Tomlinson and half-animated - but I wasn't in the mood to cope with the gay seahorse, so I fast forwarded through that. I'd forgotten how bloody awful Treehouse is, but all the same, it was pleasantly nostalgic...

The outcome of this was that I started to remember another film from my childhood that may have been by the same people behind Treehouse, as it was also Australian and badly animated. All I remember was that there was a train, a little girl, and the train driver... and these two lines of dialogue:

Girl: (to random people somewhere in the plot) We're outlaws!
Driver: She means, heh, in-laws!

Which looks quite disturbing, but I think he was trying to explain that they weren't criminals. I think it also had a dragon in it, or some kind of monster. Damned if I can remember the bloody title, though. I used to watch it at my dad's, too, so the tape's probably long gone by now.

Any suggestions? I'm hoping herringprincess might be able to help, as she seems to have been subjected to the same level of awful children's films as I was... (talking of which - I've still got your Tubby the Tuba video...)

Edit, 13.27: It turns out the other one may well have been The Steam-Driven Adventures of Riverboat Bill. Well, I was close with the train. I knew it involved lots of coal-shovelling...

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