May 23rd, 2006

Random - Garbo


Interview - horrible.  Furthered my hatred of all things interview-esque.  Subsequently not thinking about it.

Work - boring.  Involved a 'team meeting' to establish what's going on with Ivy since we've been told nothing, and ended up with Sandra and Ivy arguing across the room until one of the Social Workers burst in, at which point we called a halt to the proceedings and Sandra flounced off home.  It killed a good hour I would've spent wanting to go home, at least.  Also considered that I could really have done with the CPA proposition coming up before I applied for this frelling job, and wishing I'd never applied in the first place... but am quite certain I would not have been offered the CPA position if I hadn't applied.  Am now in a position where, if I get offered the Legal job and I turn it down, and then also fail to get the CPA job, I'll be right back where I started, only a whole lot more pissed off.

Now - waiting for the oven to heat up.  Wearing comfortable clothing.

Week forthcoming - parade is on Sunday and not Saturday, which may scupper herringprincess' plans, but will see how she wants to do things.  Friday I'll be dying my hair in honour of the occasion; I've had the dye for ages and not got around to using it yet.  It's something of a veer away from my usual selection so will definitely post pictures afterwards.

I eat, then I die.

PS: Everyone in my house, STOP USING THE INTERNET.  I can't bloody well connect.
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Random - Eyes


I can't listen to this song without thinking of Jack in Will and Grace thinking Cher was a drag queen and trying to teach her to do an impression of herself... *smiles*
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