May 31st, 2006

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A Very Long Weekend

A very, very long weekend, in fact.

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We awoke at 5.15 this morning due to sunlight, which was rather unfair. I am quite tired today, but surprisingly alert.

I came back to work to find a bin liner full of shredded paper under my desk. I suspect that this is either the cleaner's fault, or Sandra's petty way of making a point...

Tina H sent over the job description for the CPA job, and I have realised - coupled with everything I was thinking about on Thursday - that I really don't want it. I didn't want it when it was first advertised, and I don't want it now. Instead, I'm going to apply for this, instead, as it's Scale 2 with the potential to go up to Scale 4 (!) after assessment. It's also less complicated than the Legal job is.

That's another thing; the Legal job was advertised as being mainly audio typing, when in fact, as they told me at the interview, there's a lot of running around to different offices/court involved. It is, in fact, more paralegal clerk than typist, and if I'd known that when I applied I would never have done so... The Chief Executive's job above is most definitely just Audio Typist/WPO, so much more up my street. It's also city centre, on Cannon Street.

I am going to get out of this bloody office if it kills me. Unfortunately, I fear that in all likelihood, it's going to kill me before I get out.
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I am feeling quite positive as of 4.45 this afternoon.  Why?  Because since I spotted the WPO/Audio Typist job going on the jobs page, and after reading the Job Description for the CPA position, I decided that I definitely didn't want the latter.  I can't jobshare with Sandra, I don't want to do the job, and hence, sent Tina Hartland the following email:

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No reply as yet but I fully expect either another email or a phonecall tomorrow morning.  I'm not letting her push me into taking a job I'm not guaranteed to get and that I don't particularly want.

Anyway.  Better things.  This is the watch I bought on Saturday.  The picture lies, though - the leather bits don't cross over like that, they're straight.  It's still pretty.

I can't find a photo of my trainers because teH intarweb sucks at finding anything that's not currently in fashion from any given designer range.  Stupid fashion.  Anyway, they're pale blue, skinny and have embroidery and silver detail on them.  With zips.  Quite cool.  If I wasn't so tired I'd take an actual photograph, but I really can't be arsed.

We went to the Dog for tea, which was nice.  I have fifteen tonnes of stuff to pack by 17th June (hopefully) and it's currently looking quite futile, especially since my mum and David will be in Turkey on that date...  Hurrah.  I would like someone to invent transporters now, please, so I could just... move stuff.  Instantly.  And also myself.

Also, my connection keeps going off and on because it's a bastard.  I'm giving up now.  Positivity is somewhat drowned by food-induced tiredness...
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