June 1st, 2006

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Reliving my childhood.

So, I decided to dig out my old Garfield videos.

The first one was Garfield In The Rough, where Jon takes them all camping and they get attacked by an escaped panther.  Mostly, this reminded me why I hate panther noises, as I seem to recall watching it quite late one night and it scared the Hell out of me.  It's taped on an E-30 (yes, 30) that my mum stole from Central television when she still worked there in the early-mid eighties.  It has five minutes of Blockbusters on the end, which was quite possibly the precursor to Crap Student Television.  They so need to repeat that.  Like, now.  And wow, ancient old adverts!

The other one was Garfield In Disguise, where he and Odie go trick-or-treating.  I have the final ten minutes or so (the tape cuts off) of Garfield Goes To Town on the end of some episodes of Red Dwarf that I'd taped over that and the Smurfs movie...  Anyway, nothing much else to say about that one, except that it had two episodes of Rolf's Cartoon Time on the end of it!  I'm still undecided as to whether it was better than Rolf's Cartoon Club or not, given that the latter had annoying children making stupid animations.  At my nan's house, I had an entire video of Rolf's Cartoon Time knocking around, along with the original Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Movie (with the opera at the end) and the Beatrix Potter ballet... I don't know where either of those went, although I did manage to re-tape The Glass Slipper a while ago.  Must rebuild childhood video collection...

I had renamed both of the Garfields as Garfield - "Naughty Cat" and Garfield and the Pirates respectively.  To this day, I was actually convinced the second one was called that.  Garfield meets ghost pirates, so that's at least fairly logical.  I have no explanation for the first one, except that I was a very strange six-year-old, and I named my Fluppy Dog (who remembers those?!) 'Cuddleflap' despite the fact it came with a name anyway... no, I don't remember what its actual name was.

At the end of all this, I have learnt only the following:  George Bush is, in fact, Popeye the Sailor Man.  I support this theory with a quote: "There ain't no such thing as pirates, Olive.  They're a fragmentation of the imaginamation."  The defence rests.

Also, what is it with everyone fancying Olive Oyl?  She's shapeless and whiny.  *shrugs*  Mad cartoon people.

Perhaps the worst thing is that every single thing on both of the tapes had somehow managed to etch itself onto my unconscious memory, which was also the case when I watched The Phantom Treehouse the other night.  There is no escape from your background, it seems.
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