June 5th, 2006

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Tired and hungover.

Considering that this weekend has been shorter and considerably less active than last week, it was still exhausting.

Friday we stayed in. Some random upset that I don't want to go into, though I attribute the upsetness itself to having a crappy week/three days at work.

Talking of which, I forgot to mention the latest pettiness from Sandra. People have started bringing sweets in again. On Wednesday, Cynthia brought in a bag of Murray Mints, and Sandra brought in a bag of Glacier Fruits. Both of the bags were left on top of the fridge in such a manner as to imply that they were there for the sharing.

I'm not a great fan of mints, so I opened up the bag of Glacier Fruits at about lunchtime. I had two of them over the course of about three hours. At 3.30 or thereabouts (this is still on Wednesday), Sandra took the bag off the fridge and over to her desk to share them with Cynthia... and I haven't seen them since.

Yes. She's hidden them. I starting to think she believes I've got some incurable disease or something... or maybe, after the biscuit saga, she thinks I spread out-of-date like the plague. God knows. Petty idiot.

Anyway. That, coupled with a few other things, had made the week quite rubbish. I was also hot and sticky and horrible on Friday and none of my frelling cropped trousers fit, which is frustrating and annoying.

So, yeah, we stayed in on Friday and watched lots of comedy...

On Saturday, we were due to play pool with Paul's mate, Justin, so we could ask him about moving our stuff in his van in a couple of weeks. Before that, we headed into town to play on the ItBox to kill a few hours, since the Red Dwarf video I'd brought only had one episode left on it. (Talking of which, I seem to have random episodes missing all over the place for no apparent reason, including the last one of series 7. Weird.)

Pool was fun. I am considering joining Riley's, as the membership is £10 per year and if you're a non-member you have to pay £2.00 to get in so it'll probably work out cheaper.

On Sunday we went back to mine in the morning as we were going to David's lock-up to raid it for flat stuff. We have inherited his green leather three-piece suite, which won't go with the colours we have planned for the living room, but never mind. There are also several bits and pieces like pictures that we've half-inched, so at least it'll look more homely.

We all went out for a meal afterwards at the local Two For One (Old House at Home) as the food is cheap and nice. Four bottles of wine later (vaguely one each) and the conversation had turned to weddings and paternal responsibility. Quite intense, really.

I spent the majority of the rest of the evening feeling light-headed and tired due to the wine, despite the mass of food to soak it up. So, not at all productive, really.

Back at work. Joy. Mum and David are going off to Turkey for a couple of weeks on Monday, so I might book some days off mid-week to lounge around and do nothing. Our official moving date is 17th June (at least for the moment) but since I'll be house-sitting (that's a personal choice - I get the television to myself for two entire weeks) Paul will have to move in on his own for a week...

I'd better do some work, I suppose...
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