June 8th, 2006

Chicago - cell block tango

Mad things.

Yesterday the entire of CP&R had to attend a training day, which involved pictionary, charades, arm wrestling, and Tina Roper talking at us for a significant period of time. Also Thai food. It was mostly quite boring, but marginally better than doing work.

Last night I had a dream where I was being interviewed for the job I have yet to apply for, which was all very shambolic because the interviewers kept running off to make each other coffee and close doors and things. I was apparently doing a Law degree again. Perhaps this is my brain's way of telling me to apply for more Legal jobs... At one point, I was talking to the third interviewer about World Wars I and II, and chattering all the usual bollocks one spouts at an interview, and we were in a pub, and some random man came in to preach at people. Then he buggered off again. It was quite surreal.

This morning, I was reminded that I haven't mentioned the Mad Bloke who gets on the 101 in the morning. There's technically two, but one of them goes to the day centre opposite the office so he doesn't count.

The other, entirely separate, Mad Bloke gets on the bus from town. He has white hair and is probably mid to late fifties. He engages random people in conversation and talks to himself (or possibly his imaginary friend) whilst he's on the bus. He also gives a running commentary of the weather/bus journey/traffic on occasion, and I've also heard him shriek when the bus has jolted over the speedbumps on Colmore Row.

He seems quite a nervous sort, but otherwise fairly friendly. He carries a briefcase/satchel that looks like it contains important papers. Occasionally, he rotates his head as if he's getting rid of a crick in his neck.

I presume he's going to Handsworth, since he's on the bus after I get off. One of these days I'm going to follow him. See, part of me is convinced that this bloke turns up at his job every morning only to be sent home again because he's retired and subsequently gone quite mad...

In other news, I watched Scrooged again last night for the first time in a few years. It's terrifying how old Bill Murray has become in such a short space of time. (I recall he aged about 5 years on the spot when he didn't get the Oscar for Lost in Translation...) Some random points:

~ Frank Xavier Cross is the best name ever. Frank X Cross. All the better for the fact that the 'X' looks like a frown.
~ music by Danny Elfman, woo!
~ Little Shop reference, woo!
~ that scene where the Ghost of Christmas Future appears over the television screens is actually quite terrifying, considering the film was only a 12 certificate when it came out...
~ I remembered the Ghost of Christmas Present as being a punk fairy, for some reason. Also, she's played by Granny Addams from Addams Family Values, a.k.a Carol Kane.

I can't remember much else.

At least it's Thursday. I must do my job application tonight: the dream foretells it. ;)
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