June 13th, 2006

Farscape - Stark - hidden talents

Much better.

Ahhh. Yes. This is a lot more bearable. At least until the sun moves around and starts to roast us all inside our flat-roofed office.

Last night was pleasant. Paul stayed over again because it was easier than going home, and we had a Beef Tonight ale and mushroom sauce (with beef chunks and mince) with cheesy mash. It took an hour to cook, so I had a shower in the interim while Paul stirred it periodically.

We ate outside in the dying embers of warmth and then went upstairs to wash trashy television on the sofabed. Firstly, For One Night Only - From Guys to Dolls, where six big, burly builders were turned into big, burly drag queens in the space of a week, ending in a performance in Blackpool's Funny Girls club. It was entertaining. They all had manly names like Dave and instinctively backed off when their tutor - a professional drag queen - first approached them.

The end result was really impressive, though. The youngest one turned out really pretty, and they pulled off the tap dancing (except for the two with no rhythm) brilliantly. It was lovely watching one of them trying to put it into words at the end and ending up in tears instead... So much for being blokey blokes. :)

After that we watched The Play's The Thing, yet another of Channel 4's making-normal-people-famous type shows, where budding playwrights compete to get their plays performed in the West End. The panel includes a theatre producer, an actor, and a woman whose position is distinctly unclear but is very opinionated anyway, and it's mostly entertaining for their constant arguing. ("I want to get lost in her world!" "I want her world to get lost..." Indeed.) Most of the applicants are completely nuts, and every single one of their plays is ridiculously pretentious.

As the panel have rightly pointed out, it seems like none of them have ever seen an actual play in their lives, and a lot of their scripts would work very well on film, but they're rather missing the point (and scope) of working in theatre.

Also, why did I not hear about this before? Not that I would have been remotely inspired enough, of course. But still. You know. It's annoying I didn't know about it.

That was it. Oh, except for BBLB with the Psychologist, because that bit's at least interesting... Tonight I may veg in front of the television a bit more, just because, quite frankly, I can.

Oh, before I forget: herringprincess, are you going to be in your current accommodation for some substantial period of time, say, long enough to send you a couple more CDs? (And can you email me the address, in which case?) Or would it be easier to wait until I next see you?


I am on leave on 23rd and 26th June (just because), and am toying with the idea of buying a disposable barbecue and having some people around for food and merriment on the Friday, assuming the weather holds out. (We've got a proper gas barbecue in the back garden, but no gas for it as yet.) This will also be dependent on whether or not I can find the black metal table upon which to put said disposable barbecue, and whether, by Thursday, I can honestly be arsed.

Anyway. If I were to have a barbecue, who would be interested in coming? Veggies would be catered for (I'd do all vegetarian stuff first and then keep it warm so as not to contaminate with MEAT GERMS) and if anyone needs a place to sleep I can sleep 2 in a sofabed, 1 in my bed and about 2 more on the floor if you bring your own sleeping bag. And, obviously, it will be BYOB because alcohol is expensive to buy. :P

It would be vaguely Greek-style, also, in that I'd have Greek tzatiki (natural yoghurt with bits of cucumber and herbs), pitta bread, feta cheese, herbed steaks, olives, etc., but other than that it would be traditional barbecue food. Chicken legs, burgers, sausuages, steaks, chips, plus any veggie burgers and vegetarian sausages and stuff like that.

So, again, who would be interested?

If there's no interest, I won't bother. I'm just very aware I haven't seen most of my friends since Christmas and, well, consider this an olive branch or something.

PS: I've got a bag of McCoy's Specials Oriental Rib flavour, and they actually taste of spare ribs, whilst simultaneously tasting of McCoys. It's quite disconcerting...
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