June 20th, 2006

MH - Matthew - WTF?!

Weird day...

So, the interview this morning was really quite positive. Only three questions and they told me more about the job itself. The first question was to provide examples of when I'd worked in a team and on my own initiative (I used the team away day last week and the recent incident with the lost-and-found minutes respectively), one for prioritising ringing phones, an urgent fax and my own backlog, and one for dealing with an angry man in Reception on Dress Down Friday.

The job itself is now sounding more interesting after the initial panic of "OMGWTFBBQ I have to work in other offices!", as there are several paralegal clerks who work on a duty basis. There's some spreadsheet work, a taxi run to another office, reception duty, and some opportunities to go to court as well. I feel a lot more positive about it than I did after the first interview.

If the job is offered, I will take it, whilst waiting (hopefully) on an interview for the other one, which I'm much more interested in purely because I can eventually progress to Scale 4. Whatever happens, I definitely need to get out of this office.

I did some brief retail therapy in Primark afterwards to buy random underwear ("brief", geddit?), got some lunch from Pret A Manger and then went back to work, arriving halfway through the team meeting I was hoping to miss.

The CPAs want to give me more work and put me properly on the duty rota, along with Ivy. I said that - as usual - I was happy to help out as much as I could, but I didn't want them to be in a position whereby I leave in three months and they get a new typist who won't be able to offer the support I'm offering now, let alone additional duties. It seems they're only after a short-term fix, though, so I grudgingly agreed to have write access to the Chairs' diaries and help them with the Friday afternoon transfers and booking meetings, unless they're complicated, in which case I'll ask Amanda.

It does sometimes feel as though the work I'm actually paid to do isn't acknowledged as being valuable. Whatever. I'll hopefully be gone soon. At least I won't have to put up with Sandra and her snidey facial expressions whenever I demonstrate that I have an opinion... I honestly believe she thinks I'm worthless and stupid and of no use to the team whatsoever. But you know what? When I've gone, they'll know about it.

Sandra buggered off at 12.00 to meet her fancy man (er, clearly not dumped that much then) and hasn't been seen since. Good riddance, say I.

Anyway, after the team meeting, we had to have another meeting. Tina H was 'interviewing' an agency temp this afternoon as she's sick of getting people who can't spell or can't take minutes, and she wanted some kind of dictation for them to minute from. Cue the four of us (me, Tina, Amanda and Cynthia) mocking up a meeting from some previous minutes for the benefit of the new agency CPA's test. I was the class teacher, Cynthia was the Mental Health Worker, Amanda was the Social Worker, and Tina was the Chair. The best bit was playing it back on my transcription machine at the slowest setting and hearing us all sound like blokes. :)

After that I finally got around to doing some work. I did an insanely long set of minutes from Raj (who, like Chris at Silvermere, hasn't quite grasped the concept of 'summary' in CP minutes) and then started on some from Sue after a call from Steph at SHAO informing me that one of them was urgent.

Disaster struck! Sue's tape has snapped, whilst I was trying to rewind it. When the timer hit 40 minutes I figured something was a tad wrong, as it's only a 30 minute tape. I've tried fixing it with sellotape to no avail, since it had completely pulled out of the little plastic bit to keep it taut for playing. I rang SHAO to speak to Sue, who was in a conference, and spoke to Hannah to leave a message. Her helpful advice upon hearing that the tape had snapped was, "Ooh. You'd better tell her that yourself."

Marvellous. I'm very glad Sue likes me, or it could be a lot messier than it inevitably will be...

So, really quite a weird day. Pleasant, but weird. My right lower arm is really aching now, though, as it's finally rebelling against the bowling from Sunday.
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