June 22nd, 2006

MH - kiss - K/Y

Bah. Mmm, also.

Didn't get the job, according to a letter yesterday. At least they didn't leave me hanging around waiting for four weeks this time. I'm a little disappointed, but since I honestly didn't expect to even get this far, not that much. I'm still holding out on the other Audio Typist job in Chief Exec's, which, assuming they didn't lie on their job description, I feel I'm more suited for... here's hoping. Failing that, I'll just keep looking. In any case, I have to get out of here.

Yesterday, Sandra decided to start abusing my help first thing in the morning because she had an 'urgent' piece of work to finish. Cynthia was on duty and out of the office doing photocopying, but nevertheless, considering it was a query that took 5 seconds she could have dealt with it herself. Later on, I got a bag of crisps out of my bag, looked up, and saw her just turning back to her monitor with a filthy look on her face, as if she'd just trodden in some dog poo. Paul thinks I'm just being paranoid; maybe I am, but Sandra's made me paranoid, and that's just as bad.

In other news, I have definitely been playing far too much ItBox recently. This morning I went to press my screen to click the 'OK' button...

And Now For Something Completely Different

Here's a recipe for you. Maybe metalmikey666 might like it for his website? Suitable for veggies, stodgy, fairly healthy, and very filling. It's also good for any parents having trouble getting kids to eat their greens.

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It's very, very tasty, though can be quite sickly if there's lots of cheese in it. The cheese makes it all stick together and the parmesan adds a nice tang to it. My mum's used it as a topping over salmon/whitefish in a pie, which is also very nice. I keep meaning to try adding other things like garlic powder or herbs, but if anyone tries it and makes something delicious and interesting, let me know. I also keep meaning to mix it with mashed potato for the contrast in textures, so ditto for that...

Yay, on flex leave tomorrow and annual leave on Monday. Tomorrow I will do such wonderful tasks as tidying up, cleaning, hoovering, washing and attempting to pack. I also need to write a cheque for Trevor-the-Landlord and put my bank address on the direct debit form.

On Saturday morning the washing machine is being delivered so we need to be there between 9.30 and 12.00 to await the delivery men.

I feel all growed up. :)

Anyway, only four more hours of today to get through, at least...
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I am informed that it is cloudjuice's birthday, which means that at about this time in 2002 we were sitting in the ballroom of a hotel on the outskirts of Blackpool, reeling from meeting James Marsters and watching Buffy and LOTR winning every single one of SFX's awards.  Except for Sexiest Woman (Claudia Black) and Best Visual Effects (Farscape), which resulted in much bouncing and squeeing.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her, anyway.

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My Meat Loaf CD fritzed and I lost the flow of this, but I think that's more than enough for one night.  Tomorrow I will expend energy into tidying, dusting, hoovering and making the house look presentable before my mum and David get home.
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