June 25th, 2006

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Another long weekend.

On Friday, if it wasn't obvious from my post that day, I decided to start attempting to pack stuff up.  So I put together a box, and started to fill it with books.  Then I tried to move it.

I got it halfway down the first flight of stairs, and then managed to get it wedged between the bottom step and the bookcase, and it was too heavy to move.  So, I got another box and put some of the books in that one, making sure it was light enough to carry, and deposited a few more books on the staircase until the first box was light enough to manouevre past the bookcase.  I got it down another flight of stairs until halfway down the second one, where, again, it got wedged on the bookcase.  So I took even more books out of it and finally managed to get it down the stairs.  I filled them up with DVDs after that, and there are now three boxes in the hall full of books.  There are also still books on the landing that didn't fit, plus all the hardbacks.

After that, I had a shower and went into town to meet Paul.  We went to the Shakespeare in the city centre.  A slightly drunken woman coerced us into going in there when I said it looked full.  She wandered off with her friends (apparently to the Newt) and then came back an hour or so later to have a bit of a shout and try to beat up the bar manager, who called the police.  He looked a bit like Alan Davies...

Saturday, we had to get up early and get to the flat for 9.30 to await washing machine delivery men.  This was via Sainsbury's to get magazines and puzzle books, as, obviously, there's no television or stereo in there as we have yet to actually move in.

A delivery man appeared at about 11.30.  Bloody typical.  There was only one of him, and he said that they would be there before 2.00.  Trevor-the-Landlord was due to turn up at 12.30, so we rang him to put him off, then rang him again when they'd arrived.  The machine was fitted fairly quickly, anyway, and the fitting charge was only £20.  It's a nice, simple washing machine with one temperature dial and a 'start' button, designed for washingmachineaphobics like me.

Trevor turned up shortly afterwards to mow the lawn, collect the first month's rent and depost, and collect the guarantee paperwork for the washing machine. Managed to clear up a few questions about what we can do to the walls in regards to fittings and such.

Finally, at 3.15, we left the flat, went to the pub for a bit, and went back to mine via the chippy, where the stupid girl got the order wrong AGAIN.  She's obviously the granddaughter of the family that own it and she'd rather spend her summer doing, well, teenage things, rather than getting covered in chip fat.  She's also incredibly dim.

Today I have cleaned the kitchen and played Scrabble a bit and not much else.  Had to take a short trip to the shops to get bread, as the stuff in the breadbin had gone mouldy and the other stuff is frozen.  Mum and David are getting back some point tomorrow, so I'm going to hopefully go to Asda for some bits of food shopping and hoover/dust as much as I can.  I'm still somewhat recovering from Friday's moving endeavours, though, so I don't know how long it'll take.

I'm knackered... Bedtime.
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