June 27th, 2006

WIW - Marian


I hate coming back off leave...

Apparently I'm on the duty rota this week. News to me. I thought the new system was being implemented in a couple of weeks' time, not immediately after the decision was made. Someone could've told me... I can only access one of the diaries this morning, so nobody's going to be booking anything in today anyway.

And, of course, there's the usual backlog of emails and typing to sort through. I actually had to make a to-do list this morning to get through all of the various queries, demands and requests in my email inbox. Sue's found someone who can fix miniature audio-tapes and sent me two entirely separate emails requesting I send it back, and apparently rang to speak to me yesterday as well (er, yes, because the "I Am Out of the Office" auto-reply means I'm actually in the office, honest...) In the time it took to find someone who was able to fix a snapped tape, she could've just re-dictated the bloody thing.

Also a little message from Natasha on my desk asking me to make sure that the invitees to a review on Friday are aware of the venue. Well, it says the venue on the invite letters, so I would imagine so, yes. In short, it's taken me nearly an hour to start doing any actual work.

My shoulder is killing me, probably from sleeping on it weird last night. I managed to do a sort of vaguely half-arsed attempt at dusting (we have too many bloody ornaments) and vacuumed the living room, as well as cleaning the kitchen surfaces AGAIN and making the taps all shiny. I then proceeded to vegitate in front of the television for the rest of the day, since I'd already been to Asda that morning for some basics. I'd forgotten how heavy shopping could be.

I spent the majority of the late evening panicking because I didn't know what time mum and David were due back and figured it would be some point in the early morning. I woke up at about 5.15 this morning and they still weren't back, so cue another 15 minutes of panicking... and then they arrived. Phew.

With any luck, I should be actually living in the flat by the end of this week... but then, I said that last week...
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Cabaret - Maybe This Time

"What became of class?"

Drinking coke out of a wine glass: is this more, or less, sophisticated than drinking wine out of a coke glass?

I'm slightly tipsy.

Mum and David bought me and Paul presents from Turkey!  Absolut Raspberry vodka (which we were ogling at his local Cost Cutter until they sold out), a pretty embroidered bag (for me) and some rolling tobacco (for Paul).

We should be moving stuff this week, finally.  I'll just be glad when there's a) a bed and b) a television/stereo in there so I don't go insane...
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