June 28th, 2006

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Modern Technology

Jon Hill, the CP ITSO, came over today to finally upgrade to the latest version of Lotus Notes. It has, at least, made me depsite Lotus with less of a fiery passion, because the scroll button actually works now. Imagine that!

It's very shiny and pretty, but the XP-style tabs really don't go with Windows 2000. The new PC downstairs that's been put in for Raj/the new PO to use has Windows XP and a 17" monitor, and I am jealous. I also get the impression the new Lotus would look better in a higher resolution than 800x600, and I'm surprised that it's even still standard these days, with the advent of flatscreen/larger monitors and busy programmes with lots of windows.

One problem with new technology is I want to play with it constantly, so it's playing havoc with my concentration...

Another problem is that it tends to be quite temperamental, and a few minutes ago, when I was halfway through the last of Sue's ridiculously long tapes, the phone rang. It was a social worker enquiring after something that should have been on the P drive and wasn't, so I was checking in case it had been saved somewhere random (small rant about that in a moment). My computer decided to restart itself for no reason. Luckily, Word autorecovered the document I was working on...

The other problem with modern technology is it manages to confuse people very easily. Which leads onto my rant. Sue is, by her own admission, "not very good at this technology", and she's not the only one. (Sue likes everything to be done for her, though, so that could also explain her complete inability to ignore the files she doesn't need; instead, I have to physically move them so she doesn't open them by accident and panic.) There are certain social workers who still fail to comprehend the P drive, and there are more still who just about comprehend it, but still fail to find what they're looking for. For example, yesterday one of them phoned up requesting CP plans off the P drive. I'd typed them, so I checked - yes, there they were, saved there by the Chairperson right in the child's file. Not even in any other folder, just sitting there happily visible.

I didn't do anything about it except move them into the right folders. It doesn't help that some files are set up differently to others; sometimes we put CP stuff in "PAT Forms", other times the plan goes in "CP_LAC_Plans" and the minutes in "Reviews", so it's understandably confusing if someone's only been told to go to the P drive. Nobody gets trained properly.

Anyway, an hour later, the Social Worker rang back again to complain that they still weren't there, so I told her that yes, they were, and that they were in such-and-such folder. Except I'd put one of them in a different folder by accident, so I had to move it into the right one so she could find it.

Honestly, is it such a difficult concept to check all the folders, just in case? You're not going to break your computer. It might have a strange name, but, y'know, just open things. If it's not what you're looking for, close it and try another one. The computer will not bite you. It won't explode. Use your initiative. If only because the CP administration team are NOT your sniffer dogs.

On an unrelated note, I have discovered that the really nice Tesco Deep Fill chicken and stuffing sandwiches make me feel ill. Bah. They are very rich, though. Annoying, because they're about the only ones I can eat without having to pick stuff out first...