June 29th, 2006

Farscape - John&Aeryn - happiness

Almost moved in...

Spent this evening ferrying the boxes of kitchen stuff - and one box of books - to the flat.  And that was about it.

Tomorrow I will do nothing, because I'm exhausted.  Paul is seeing marz109 early in the evening and then coming over to mine later.  On Saturday morning we're going to the flat to see Lisa-from-downstairs and discuss the bills/council tax, and hopefully get to the bank to set up an account before it closes.  Banks are stupid.  They close at 5.00, and at weekends.  You know, the times when most people don't have to go to work.  Doctor's surgeries are almost as bad, but at least they're open late.

Sunday, hopefully, we'll be able to move the bed in, assuming we can fit the mattress into someone's car.  Double mattresses have enough give to be able to, er, fold them... don't they?

Oh, and I've got a typing test/interview for the Audio Typist job (the Chief Exec's one) on 13th July.  Yay.  It looks like I'll be interviewed by the same Human Resources woman, too...
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