July 3rd, 2006

Photo - leaves

The heat is on in Birmingham.

If the mass-circulated email sent around this morning is any indication, it looks like the UK is in for a heatwave. So this is my Helpful Post about the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke, so everyone can look after themselves and know the signs:

Heat exhaustion is usually one of the first signs that someone is at risk of developing heatstroke. Symptoms include:

~ headaches
~ dizziness
~ nausea and vomiting
~ muscle weakness or cramps
~ pale skin
~ weak pulse
~ high temperature

Heatstroke can develop if the symptoms of heat exhaustion are left untreated. It can also occur suddenly and without warning. Symptoms include:

~ confusion and disorientation
~ convulsions
~ flushed, hot and dry skin
~ racing, thumpin pulse
~ very sudden rise in temperature

It can result in organ failure, brain damage or death.

In other news:

Natasha got attacked on Friday night by a service user who followed her home, mainly because she'd Chaired the Conference where it was decided to remove her child. The police aren't taking this nearly seriously enough.

Am officially living in the flat, and it's a mess. Photos will be taken tonight if I can find my batteries. Boxes everywhere.

There would be more to this entry, but it's TOO DAMNED HOT.
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