July 11th, 2006

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Some things which have been annoying lately:

1. Trains. If they're not turning up late, they're not turning up at all, and when you get on them you can't hear the bloody announcer over the ancient roaring engine, and there's inevitably someone trying to have a conversation who decides to speak over the annoncer anyway.

2. People who sit on the aisle and window seats of the 3-seat rows, but not the middle ones, resulting in about 8 wasted seats in busy carriages. Just move the Hell up. Your personal space will certainly not be invaded as much as it is for those of us who have to stand up because of your bloody selfishness.

3. In that same vein, people on buses who put their bag on the seat next to them completely unnecessarily, and don't move it out of the way when there are people standing up on a crowded bus. That's what the luggage compartment is for. Use it, or lose it when I bloody well SIT on it.

4. Sandra, and her incessant face-pulling that she thinks I can't see. I was talking to Amanda earlier about my interview on Thursday and I could see Sandra, over her shoulder, smirking to herself and shaking her head like I'd said something quite comically moronic. I swear, the day I get this/another job, I will take every available opportunity before I leave to ask her just what the fuck her problem is. In exactly those words, if needs be.

5. Sandra, again, demanding I take over duty on Monday because she covered for me when I was off at the start of my duty week. I don't mind swapping, but it would have been nice if I'd been informed in the first place that I was going on duty that week, because as I understood it they were going to get through Cynthia, Amanda and Sandra first before starting me and Ivy on duty, not just dropping us straight in it. You know, part of me wonders if she offered to swap the Monday with me just so she wouldn't have to do a full week when the time came...

6. The fact that even when I phone up to confirm my attendance at interviews the idiot on the other end of the phone never manages to pass on the message, so the HR woman phones me back two days later anyway.

7. IT being idiots, and appearing to have deleted Shafiq from the Council database - inbox, diary and all. It'll take three days to get it back and even then, there's no guarantee that everything will still be on his diary. I have a horrible suspicion that re-inputting everything is going to be allocated to be my responsibility, because obviously nothing I do is of any worth to the Department...

8. The bloody stupid photocopier jamming for no reason at all and managing to get toner all over me. AGAIN.

Bah. This is quite mild PMT compared to some months, so I suppose I should be glad. Things would be must easier if there were no other people in the world.
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