July 17th, 2006

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This weekend has mostly involved spending money.

Friday night saw Cynthia's leaving do, as she's running away to be a Social Work Assistant as of next Monday. We started at All Bar One and moved to Risa, with quite a few people in attendance. I'd dragged Paul along, and then there was Amanda, Cynthia herself, Sandra, Tina H, both Lizes and Tanith, one of the Social Workers. There was also a separate leaving party occurring at a nearby table for Vanessa, although I think they were meant to be combined, at least until we went to Risa...

Tina H tried to get us to go to Liberty's by saying that it cost £10.00 to get into Risa, except Cynthia stood her ground and we went to Risa anyway - and it only cost £2.00, as it transpired. Whilst in there, someone apparently pinched Paul's arse (it's wasn't me). I suspected either Cynthia or Tina H, as they were standing nearby at the time, although Cynthia has denied it... We stayed in there watching the live rock(ish) band for a while, but then they went upstairs to the club, where I sat out the dancing and looked after handbags. I Don't Dance. I'm getting that put on a t-shirt.

Paul and I loped off at about 11.00 or thereabouts, but rather than going home we ended up walking to the Wellington, where it transpired that Asa was running away to Gran Canaria for an unspecified amount of time, and they'd all gone to Alton Towers earlier that day to see him off. Just as well I didn't know about that or I would've wanted to go. I honestly dread to think what Gobby Paul sounds like on a rollercoaster, and I bet the staff wondered what had hit them...

At this point the night made a rather emotional turning for no apparent reason, mostly becuase Paul and I were talking random bollocks at each other. Asa's leaving was a surprise, and we managed to get there just in time for his final three songs. He did a semi-de-draggification for the last one, which seemed to strike a nerve for some reason. Somehow our conversation turned to creativity and writing, and thanks to the combination of wine and vodka (All Bar One and Risa respectively), I ended up in tears.

We ordered a taxi at that point and headed home, getting back for about 1.30am. Other than that, the evening was quite nice.

Oh, just the one thing - Sandra ignored me all night. I suspect this is because I made a point about saying goodnight specifically to Ivy (childish, I know, but I was tired and she'd been annoying me all week just by existing), but it suits me just fine. Halfway through the night, about ten minutes after arriving at Risa, she ran into her dumped-but-not-actually-dumped Greek bloke and sat with him. Presumably because he had a big wodge of cash with him. According to Cynthia she kept randomly reappearing and disappearing for most of the night.

I was quite antisocial, too, I admit, because I don't dance and because Paul was there, but at least I stayed with the frelling group...

Anyway. I'd just like to randomly point out that the current office temperature is 34oC. *melts* Our union rep just said that apparently we're allowed to go home if it gets too much. I may consider that on Wednesday...

Saturday was mostly spent, um... playing Scrabble. Paul wandered off for "a drink" at about 4.00, planning to come back and get ready to go out again (on a hen night...) at 5.30, except apparently he ended up playing the best afternoon of pool of his life and didn't come back in the interim. Which was annoying, especially as a) his phone had died, and b) he never has any credit anyway. I did a bit of tidying up, at least, and emptied another suitcase.

He got back at about 11.15 and proceeded to talk crap for the next hour and a half. I probably wouldn't have minded, except that it was the same 15 minutes of crap, over and over again. :)

On Sunday we decided to go to Somerfield for another big food shop, and ended up spending nearly 50 quid. 10 of that was on beer, admittedly, and we then ended up getting a taxi back because it was all too heavy. Then a trip to Sainsbury's for wine. Then another trip to get some meat for lunch, but upon discovering that the butcher's was closed we ended up back at Somerfield.

It was far too hot for that amount of movement. Spent the rest of the day playing Scrabble (by candlelight), and watching the final of Pokerface and the new series of Tribe.

IT'S TOO HOT. But we all knew that already.
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Current situation is as follows:

~ temperature is creeping up to 36oC in the office, without the added bonus of a nice breeze as outside.
~ chocolate digestives melting.
~ have fan pointed at head previously had fan pointed at head, but Sandra has since made me turn it around so Amanda can feel some of it. This is actually impossible. Now have no air conditioning in the slightest, as I sit in a corner with no frelling windows.
~ moreover, Sandra has a desk fan pointed at HER head, not to mention the rotating one in the middle of the room. And she acts like I'm the selfish one. I vote we swap desks for an hour and she can see what it's like in MY corner of this oven, without a direct line to an open window and now without the privalege, even, of a rotating fan.
~ am actually considering going home or faking a collapse so I get SENT home. (Except I suspect, with the latter, that it would take them about an hour to even notice...)
~ BCC can't afford air conditioning, because they're cheaparses. Except, apparently, in the admin office, where it is pleasantly cool. It also apparently can't afford heating in the winter that actually works.

In summary: I hate this office, I hate Sandra, and I HATE HATE HATE this weather. I'm going at 4.45, if not earlier.
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