July 18th, 2006

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Public Transport, and Drunken Boyfriends

I'm still trying to figure out whether Centro is more, or less, evil than TWM. I left work at 4.45 yesterday because if I'd stayed in the office much longer, I would've roasted in my own skin, did the 15-minute uphill slog to the station in the blazing heat (without suncream, or a hat) in order to catch the conveniently-timed 17.06 train to Hall Green and hopefully get home before 6.00.

Only to discover that a train had broken down somewhere along the line and caused up to 25-minute delays along the route. Wonderful. So, instead, I crossed to the metro platform and waited there instead.

The Metro would be SO MUCH MORE USEFUL if it extended to Birmingham Moor Street. Or even, y'know, somewhere else except the arse end of nowhere Wolverhampton. I'm sure more people would be inclined to use it, too.

There's also that Moseley/Kings Heath/Stirchley/Edgbaston railway line that's not being used except for occasional freight trains, and I'm sure making use of that would also help immensely, not to mention opening up an entire area of Birmingham which isn't served properly by trains.

So, anyway, by the time I'd waited for the Metro (to Snow Hill) and walked to get the 50, I didn't get home until 6.15. Not quite as bad as the 2-hour Journey Home from Hell a month or so ago, but certainly quite close, consdidering that I no longer live in a backwater town (not that I did before, but you'd think so with the public transport I had to contend with) but the middle of Kings Heath. Unfortunately, I work in Hockley, which is apparently impossible to get to on time. Marvellous. I really hope I get that job, if only becuase it's in the city centre...

So, anyway, Paul had had the day off sick so had cooked dinner by the time I got in, whcih was nice. Except I only saw him for about 45 minutes, because he then ran off again to go to the Adam and Eve to see Richie's solo gig, which was due to start at 7.30. He sent me two texts over the course of the evening to tell me that he was actually playing at 9.30, then 10.30, which didn't do much to improve my mood. I watched the Mindshock episode on feral children, but it all looked quite familiar and I think it was either a repeat, or a re-edited version of something they'd already shown.

I went to bed at about 11.15 or thereabouts, and was just nodding off when he returned at woke me up. And did that annoying thing where he rambled drunkenly at me for another 45 minutes. And then woke me up AGAIN because he got confused and couldn't find the bedroom door - don't ask.

So, yeah. Supervision today, and I'm frelling exhausted. Also a team meeting/lunch, which will doubtless give me yet more work to do, as seems to be the norm. Amanda just had to deal with the headteacher from Chad Vale School, who was apparently very rude and "vile", and put the phone down on her... Sandra's daughter will be going there in September. Part of me is quite amused...

I'm meant to be going to Shafiq's son's wedding reception dinner thing on Sunday, but I think I'm too exhausted...
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