July 19th, 2006

Edward - butterfly

Work-related schizophrenia.

Firstly, the good news:

I got the job

They rang me yesterday just as I was about to go into supervision, which made my final supervision quite immensely pointless. It was basically "Yeah, Sandra's still annoying, but I don't actually care any more".

They're sending the letter out this week and I'm hoping to hand in my notice at the end of July, work through August here and aim to start the new job in September. FINALLY, I can get out of this place.

Which, considering what just happened, I'm very very glad about.

Raj just turned up, disrupting the quiet harmony in our office by being obnoxiously loud and rambunctious, and asked me how I did in my interview on Thursday. I told him I'd got the job and then, the following conversation ensued.

Raj: Ah, I knew you'd got it.
Sandra: How do you know, are you psychic or summink?
Raj: Ahhh, well, there are very good words about her in the Department, you know.
Sandra: Oh, right. Not from me.

She apologised afterwards whilst laughing at her little 'joke', but honestly, was that really necessary? I'm sure she means nothing by it, but at the same time, given her behaviour over the past year or so, I'm also not so sure... I certainly wouldn't put it past her to spread poisonous bile about me.

So, yeah, that didn't really help my already foul mood today, due to lack of sleep and the impending ridiculous temperatures. It was 40 degrees in our office yesterday. FORTY. They seriously expect us to work in these conditions. What's even more annoying is that nobody will commit themselves to naming a maximum temperature to work in. They recommend that an office should be between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, and that it should never go below 16, but there's apparently no upper limit. Staff are allowed to go outside intermittently for fresh air, but if they want to go home it's at the discretion of their manager.

Seriously. When it's anything over about 32 degrees, it's impossible to concentrate. The Department would be doing itself a favour by sending its staff home on hot days, because said staff are not exactly being productive when they have to take half-hour "fan breaks" after five minutes trying to work.

They have air conditioning in the main admin office, too, but nowhere else in the building. The excuse is that admin is the central hub where most people are passing through. Screw that; they're downstairs. Admin want to work up here for a bit and see how hot it gets...

I'm very tempted to leave early today...
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