July 21st, 2006

Farscape - Stark - hidden talents

A nice cloudy day for introspection.

Clouds?? Never thought I'd see those again... MUCH more bearable today.

I've just spent nearly a tenner in Tesco on biscuits and little cakes for Cynthia's leaving lunch. At least if they're not all eaten at the buffet we'll have plenty left over to munch on upstairs.

Also, I got some of that new Coke Zero stuff out of sheer intrigue. I have to say, it's not as disgusting as diet coke, but at the same time... no, it's just not the same. Back to the regular, full-fat, full-sugar coke for me. (I also never quite saw the point of decaffeinated coke. It's like decaffeinated coffee - WHY?)

In other news, I started writing a Pirates-fic. Only three paragraphs so far, and untitled. Collapse ) It's quite strange, though. I haven't written very much in ages, the last thing I finished being the My Fair Lady fic in December/January, as well as some rambliness for a late chapter of "Broken Record" (Buffy).

The three paragraphs I've done so far aren't really that coherent and don't link together very well. I'm not even sure if it has a direction, but it's nice to just be able to write something pointless and image-based, really. The first sentence hit me, Collapse ) and then I tried to build on it.

I found with the MLF fic that the sentences just poured out of me. The period setting helped with that, because I could be ridiculously pretentious without it sounding too bad. I think of it a bit like a popped balloon effect, where the idea had been growing and growing - like a balloon being blown up - and was suddenly released. The end result was fifteen million words falling out of my brain like said popped balloon whizzing around the room... and then another few months of nothing.

I presume the random bits of Buffy are balloons that you accidentally let go halfway through inflation. ;)

Anyway. That's enough of that. I'll post said fic on FFN, most likely, if I can still navigate it without getting hopelessly lost, and link to it here and on the community.

I'm starving...
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Random - Absinthe!


I just did a slight friends-cut.

My f-list is getting a bit too long to handle (mostly because of communities) so I've had to take a few people off. The main reason is because lately I feel like I'm watching the personal lives of people I really don't know that well (which feels a bit uncomfortable), or because I've had people on my list for ages but have never really got to know them, for whatever reason.

I tend to add back out of politeness or curiosity, which can sometimes be a bad thing. I'm not deleting because people don't comment or whatever, and it's nothing personal. I'm just having a bit of a clear up.