August 15th, 2006

MH - Matthew - WTF?!

Franchising idea...

Sparked by a very silly conversation on the way home from the pub on Sunday night, after passing McDonalds and deciding whether it was worth buying McGrease just to get pretty Coke glasses...

I give you...

Because everyone wants a little alcohol with their Big Mac.

This would include the following:

McBeer - in 'lager' or 'bitter' flavour. McGuinness would be available on St Patrick's Day.

McSpirits - in a variety of flavours including 'vodka', 'brandy', 'whisky' and 'rum'. Larger chains would have more, obviously. Mixers would be the usual soft drinks offered (Coke, Sprite, Fanta, etc.)

McWine - in 'red' or 'white' flavour. Also available in 'mulled' at Christmas.

Both coming in Small, Medium or Large sizes, in the trademark cardboard cup, complete with straw.


I'm not sure it's going to work, really. :)

In other news - we appear to have vanquished the 'guests' in our kitchen - or, at the very least, they've disappeared. Am now paranoid they're trapped in one of the binbags and it's going to explode in a lovely, writhing mass... but anyway, tonight we're meeting in town and going to Argos to buy a bin.

I tried to buy a bin last night, but the manager kept whining at everyone to make their purchases and get out because it was closing in five minutes. I saw a couple in there, but bins are expensive. The only plastic ones they had came with entire kitchen sets (drainers, cutlery trays, etc.) and we don't need all that crap. I just want a big bin with a lid, preferably for under twenty quid. It's obviously too much to ask for.

Wilkinson would be an ideal place to get one, but they're few and far between these days, and the only ones I know of seem to be up the north end of the Midlands, in Dudley, West Bromwich and Halesowen...

As for work, I'm adopting a strategy with Sandra of not giving a shit. I don't answer to her, she's not my supervisor OR my superior, and quite frankly, I'm more concerned with getting through my three-week backlog than I am with doing whatever she decides to fob off onto me that she can't be bothered to do herself. She put my name on the duty rota even though Ivy and I are sharing it, because obviously, that three-week backlog is going to clear itself...

Apparently they're meant to be advertising my job to get a permanent typist in, but if that fails they'll get a temp in... and probably have the same problems as at SHAO whereby they terrify them on their first day and lose them a day later.

Hurrah, I'm leaving chaos in my wake. My work here is done.
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