August 17th, 2006

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Almost free!

10.40: Just handed my notice officially. Carol W is on leave until 4th September but I CC'ed Jenny into it as well. Except for some reason I keep getting a delivery failure message telling me that Carol doesn't exist in the public address book, even though she, er, does. Hm.

Tina H's theory (after a quick discussion to let her know) is that she's been deleted because she's on leave. After a week. :D

Actually... I wouldn't put it past IT to do that. "You don't access your email for a week? YOU DIE!"

In a rather silly mood today. Return to work interview later. Hurrah.

Am now typing a 60-minute audio tape containing four separate reviews. This may take a while... but at least the backlog is slowly dwindling.
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That last thunderclap just made the building shake! :D

Except now it seems to be disappearing again...
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Got bored of typing, so I just spend about half an hour transferring my old abbreviations/acronyms list (which I'd compiled about a year ago and subsequently deleted when I didn't leave - yay for the Recycle Bin) onto a spreadsheet, which already contains several useful addresses and a Birmingham postcode reference, because I was getting fed up of people not putting the area on attendance sheets.

So, having compiled this list, I then emailed my team to tell them as such, with a nice, helpful link to it on our shared directory. I did this a couple of months ago when I first compiled it, but it seemed to be ignored.

Doubtless this burst of initiative will piss Sandra off no end (as will the other email I sent yesterday informing people about the Lotus Notes server changeover and impending diary problems) because I'm ordering her around. :D

I love being the only computer literate one in the office. :)

Tina H said that when they get a new typist he or she will spend one week shadowing me, which I think is only fair. Amanda said to make sure I tell them the most important inforamtion - such as where the kettle is. I'm glad to say that I'm not used as a tea-girl, despite being Sandra's general dogsbody... but that's probably only because she doesn't have hot drinks...

Still in something of a silly mood. I need to get potatoes, an Evening Mail, Paul's tobacco and a part-bake baguette on the way home, for we are having bolognese. That is, assuming the meat has defrosted... I think I'm going to put back on all of the weight I lost whilst ill. Which may be a good thing, as all of my bloody jeans keep falling down...
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