August 21st, 2006

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A productive weekend.

First and foremost:


Okay. Last week I did 40.72 hours. This is a good thing, because it means I am 10.34 hours in credit with my flex. Which I will most likely have to use up before I change jobs. I need to phone HR and find out if my leave carries over as well, because I have about 15 days to use up. (Am quite tempted to have flex this Friday, come to think of it... especially as it's a bank holiday on Monday and we also get the Tuesday off...)

So, yes. On Saturday, Paul and I trekked out to Kings Heath with all good intentions of buying a dustbin, broom and mop for the kitchen. The hardware store was the only place with all three, but we still didn't manage to get them. Mainly because we wandered around the indoor market and bought a shopping trolley, then decided to go to Somerfield.

Paul went out for Vicky's birthday in the evening, whilst I stayed in, watched How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?, taped X-Factor and put all the videos back in the television cabinet. My back was aching all day Sunday as a result.

On Sunday, we had invited Lisa up for Sunday lunch. Which was very nice indeed, if I say so myself. It was a veritable banquet of fused flavours: peppered pork steaks, garlic and parsley mash, herby gravy, and cheesy broccauli mash. Yum. Lisa brought some of those hot chocoloate puddings from Marks and Spencer - the really gooey ones off the advert. Yum.

We also tried some Mateus rosé, which wasn't bad at all. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (whilst eating chocolate pudding) and the penultimate episode of Blizzard (which is really very good) and then Lisa went downstairs again. It was a very nice, relaxed evening.

The flat is getting there. The living room is now a bit straighter because I put the videos away and cleared the table, and the bedroom looks more presentable. There are still boxes everywhere, though, but most of them are going upstairs in the attic and the rest I just need to go through and sort out. I still don't know how I got so much stuff into such a small room.

Other news: according to the Metro, Johnny Depp is set to play the title role in an adaptation of Sweeney Todd - the musical! This is quite marvellous, because not only is the musical bloody amazing, but I can definitely see Depp making the role his own. And he's going to sing, which should be quite exciting. :)

Anyway, I'd better do some work, I suppose...
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