August 24th, 2006

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My PMT comes earlier every month, I think...

So, this morning I made myself late for work by making tuna sandwiches, which included making the tuna mayonnaise first. I had the crust of the bread and a yoghurt, and managed to leave it on the bloody chair in the bedroom. Annoying.

Which meant I had to draw out a tenner I could've afforded not to, in order to buy some bloody lunch. And managed to miss the 101 by about ten seconds, so had to wait for another one.

And there's some kind of almighty cock up with a Review this afternoon which isn't our fault, but which Shafiq will doubtless blame us for anyway, or blame the new Social Worker who has unfortunately been allocated the case and terrify her.

AND, for some reason, Sandra is in today despite being apparently part-time now. I almost said, "It's Thursday; what the Hell are you doing here?" but restrained myself.

Only three more weeks to go. Only three more weeks to go.

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Ah, well, off to pastures new on 18th September. I'm nervous as Hell, and will probably spend the first week absolutely hating it (as I did here) but with any luck it'll work out fine. Any place where Sandra is not will be better than here, anyway.

In other news, the storm was quite cool last night. I saw a little fork of lightning at one point, and did have the window open briefly until it got too cold. Talking of which, it's freezing in here, and I'm wearing my coat. (Another thing I won't miss will be having to type in gloves in the middle of winter...) However, I refuse to put the heating on yet as a matter of principle - it's frelling August! Besides, apparently it's meant to warm up again by September.

Thank God it's a bank holiday weekend. Despite having three weeks off, I'm still exhausted...
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Help me...

To quote Scar, "I'm surrounded by idiots!"

Specifically Raj.

Yesterday John Hill (the CP ITSO) came over to sort him out on Lotus Notes and the T drive. He told me afterwards that Raj now had full access to the T drive, so I've started saving stuff on there for him accordingly, with a little note on the last set of minutes saying they were saved on the T drive for him to check.

(TO clarify, it's a drive for the entire of Child Protection in HoB, where we save our unchecked minutes for the Chairs to read over, before putting them on the main drive where the Social Workers can access them.)

The following conversation ensues:

Raj: [clutching latest set of minutes, containing only the previous minutes and the attendance sheet, no new minutes to speak of, i.e. nothing there to check] Yada yada yada moan moan I don't have access to the T drive properly yet whinge whinge...
Me: Okay, I'll just have to print that one off for you.
Raj: Okay. [starts reading the previous minutes] Whinge whinge John had to phone them up moan moan.
Me: Okay, let. me. just. print. that. one. off. for. you.
Raj: Yeah. [carries on checking]
Me: [prints]
Raj: All right, I've checked that one. [hands back previous minutes]
Me: ... >.<

I'll just put them back in his tray. I don't think he'd even notice.

This is the man who, when he turned up at the sub office this morning for a Conference, which it actually turned out was happening at a children's home, sat there for half an hour and didn't ring us to check anything. We had to ring Sparkbrook to get his bloody mobile number to ring him and tell him what was going on.

And then he didn't have his Sat Nav with him and claimed it would take him an hour to get from Handsworth to Selly Oak. Er, no, it won't. Instead, all of the accumulated professionals at the children's home had to leave and he's going to discuss the case with the Social Worker later.

He just makes things more difficult for himself on purpose, I think, so he can whinge about how incompetent everyone else is.

And he doesn't know the difference between 'attentive' and 'tentative', or combines the two into 'attentative'. The day he manages to construct a sentence that makes coherent sense will probably be the same day that Satan has to wear mittens.

Give me strength...
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