August 30th, 2006

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Bank Holiday Weekend

Friday night was the usual fare of pubbage and television, but other than that I don't remember. My memory is getting worse.

On Saturday, like idiots, we went to town, in order to go to the cinema. I'm sure we did something else before then, but for the life of me I don't remember what that was. Probably got up late and ate breakfast...

I remembered: we went to the Museum & Art Gallery to see the 'Remembering the Somme' exhibition before it closed. They said there were postcards on sale in the shop, but I couldn't find any. We did come away with a print and a poster to go in the living room for wwhen we finally get around to painting it.

Then we went to the Ikon Gallery in Brindley Place to see an 'interactive' colour exhibition that sounded more interesting than it actually was. We came away feeling cheated and very confused. I like post-modernism generally, but not when it's stupidly pretentious. It was possibly only useful for the moment of "let's paint the living room that colour..."

We saw Snakes on a Plane, which did exactly what it said on the tin, and, without fear of spoilers, was just the right side of ridiculous to be brilliant. Collapse )

We returned home via Blockbuster and watched Love Actually when we got in, since neither of us had seen it. Quite entertaining.

On Sunday, we did very little in the morning, and then Paul headed out for the Flapper for gigs and drinking. At 3.30 I headed off to Alison's house, where we sat and nattered for about two hours, then went to the Station to try some of their cheap food. Alas, it seemed their bold statement of "Food Served All Day!" was, in fact, a big fat lie. So we went for pizza instead, which was very nice. Papa John's 'Special Garlic' dip was, it turned out, a big pot of garlic butter...

We went back to mine and watched Moulin Rouge, which was rudely interrupted by Paul coming back half-pissed. He was quiet for most of it, apart from trying to tickle me and singing along...

We did nothing remotely of interest on Monday other than watching A Bug's Life.

On Tuesday morning, we did productive things like going into Kings Heath to buy a bin, broom, mop&bucket and lightbulbs. We now have light in both the living room and hallway. Hurrah.

We also went to the bank. I went up to the counter and said, "Hello, I would like to turn my old account into a savings account", which somehow translated to the woman at the desk to "Hello, I would like to close my account." End result, my old 16-25 account has been shut down and I still don't have a savings account. But in retrospect, trying to turn it into one would probably have caused more problems in the long run due to incompetency, and I didn't want to have lots of money saved back that I couldn't actually access due to the account disabling itself once I hit 26... So, I still have to open a savings account.

I will be rich until Friday when all my money will disappear again...

After Kings Heath, we went to town again to have lunch at the Victorian Restaurant, and then to the cinema. The film didn't start for another hour, so we ended up at O'Neills, playing the addictive movie quiz game on their ItBox.

We eventually saw A Scanner Darkly, which was very, very cool. I'd just be regurgitating everyone else's reviews if I tried, though.

We had very nice and very cheap steaks for tea, courtesy of Tesco, and watched random reality television until bed. Once again, a show which highlights Social Workers being completely useless; one day someone will make one highlighting the good that does happen, but I doubt it'll get the viewing figures...

So, that's about it. I'm going to Jade tonight (the cheap one by Oasis market) to find some cheap trainers and will possibly attempt to clean the kitchen on Friday night whilst Paul is out.

I'm hoping to investigate internet-getting before the end of September... and then I can start posting pictures of the flat. I'm probably going to disappear after the 15th, as I start my new job on the 18th and I don't know when we're going to get connected. Watch this space...
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