September 4th, 2006

Photo - leaves

Ding, dong, the witch is dead...

For once, we stayed in this weekend. Sort of.

Friday, I went home via town to get fly spray, floor cleaning stuff and some new trainers. My black ones have finally given up the ghost, so I got some pretty embroidered Acupuncture ones from Jade for a tenner. One is pale pink and the other is a sort of greyish blue from being outside, but I think it adds character.

Paul was out drinking and gigging so I fumigated the bathroom (two more flies in there) and zapped two more flies in the kitchen before I cooked. I sat and watched Inside I'm Dancing, at least until Paul got back and interrupted me... somehow we ended up arguing about my alarm clock.

Anyway. On Saturday we went into Kings Heath to take back the DVDs and get a few more, and to investigate the farmer's market and the Lidl I had discovered hidden down a side road. Nothing particularly exciting at the farmer's market, but we ended up spending £23 in Lidl, which is marvellous. Then another tenner in the butcher's, where we got six packs of various meat (minute steak, lamb, minted lamb, ribs, pork chops, garlic chicken) for that amount, and some very very nice pork and herb sausages. Also bought a soap dish (a cool chrome one with legs), a paper towel holder and some wooden coasters with a stand for the living room, all for £1.50 each.

When we got back we excavated the fridge. Only one more fly at that point. There was a veritable feast of cat litter and other random crap under the fridge, including two pen lids and half a cigarette. And some newspaper, for some reason. Anyway, we cleaned underneath it and then cleaned the floor properly, and the bathroom as well, where I also cleaned the sink to get rid of the soap scum and made the taps all shiny. Yay, clean.

Then we watched the first two of our six DVDs, Scary Movie 4 (weirdest link into Saw EVER) and A Clockwork Orange, since I hadn't seen it for a while.

On Sunday we had the minted lamb for dinner, which was very, very nice. I worked on my typist induction for Amanda's induction pack, and we watched Rent. I might have to buy the DVD now, as well as the soundtrack. Did the film ever get released over here? We also started watching The Exorcism of Emily Rose when it got dark, but had to abandon it because Paul was falling asleep. Since that one needs to go back this evening we're going to ahve to watch the ending when we get in and then run down to Blockbusters...

And that was about it.

This morning I typed up my induction stuff (four pages' worth) and finally managed to get to do some work an hour or so later. Since then it's all been case rearranging and the usual hassle of incompetency. Hurrah.

On the plus side:

1. The flies seem to have gone.
2. Sandra was only in until 12.00 this afternoon and has now gone on leave for two weeks. Which means I'll never have to see her again. :D (Hence the subject.) She's also doing something else on Friday night, which is meant to be my leaving do. (For those who might want to come, it's at 6.00pmish at the Flapper.)

So, at least some bits of today are pleasant, even if I am on duty.
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