September 5th, 2006

NBC - tower light


So I bit the bullet and had a look at the pretty new styles for paid users, and have opted for this one. I'm not too keen on the main font, but at least it's marginally more customisable. I'm in need of a new layout and was toying with a Charlie one but it'll have to wait until a) we have the internet and b) I can get at my computer...

It makes a change to have properly customisable S2 (via CSS) that don't require having to learn the entire style system - at least, unless you really want to - and I'll definitely have to investigate this at some point. For now, enjoy the pretty sunset... and it shows my tags by how much I use them, too. Yay, I whinge and moan a lot. About the council, apparently.

(As to the 'Expressive' themes, I feel like petitioning for a Birmingham skyline one...)

Anyway, nothing more interesting to report. We watched Leon last night, which has been on my list for ages. Amazing film. Also watched the new series of Life Begins, having missed the majority of series 2, but still. I feel ITV rather underestimated the popularity of Caroline Quentin when they originally aired it, as it felt like a one-off, and it's now into its third series...

I've booked Friday off as flex so I'm not exhausted for my leaving do - at least, that's the plan. Yesterday I wrote down the telephone number for City of Birmingham Choir (which has only taken me a year to do) and fully intend to ring them this week, even though the first rehearsal of the season starts tonight. I need to do something to get me out of the house.

Doctor's appointment tomorrow to find out the results of my second blood test, to see if the virus is still in my system. Well, my glands are still a bit swollen in my throat, so I'd say yes to that. Also going to ask if there's any stronger anti-perspirant I can possibly get on prescription, even though it'll cost me £6.65 or whatever they're charging now. Mitchum's menat to offer 48-hour protection, and it's lasting a grand total of two.
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