September 11th, 2006

Random - Absinthe!

Artsfest, etc.

On Thursday night, I ran into translucent and got a much-required update into the life of last_dance. Which was nice.

Friday, I had the day off work and did some washing, which I didn't get around to finishing off over the weekend due to rushing around. I went to my leaving do at the Flapper, which had a grand turn out of about 8 people, none of whom were from work. Yay. The night ended on a very strange note, but was otherwise a pleasant evening.

On Saturday we ended up sleeping in until about 1.30 due to unprecendented exhaustion, and eventually headed out to investigate Artsfest. There were only two things I was interested in doing and we only managed to do one of them.

The first was a backstage tour of the Hippodrome, which was meant to be half an hour long and turned out to be an hour. It was very informative nonetheless. The auditorium looks much smaller from the stage... After that I wanted to go to the City of Birmingham Choir's open rehearsal, which started at 5.00, but we got there too late and the auditorium was full. Some helpful choir members instead told me to turn up at their rehearsal on Tuesday night, which is exactly what I'll do.

Earlier that afternoon we spotted some nice candle holders in one of the charity shops in Kings Heath, but since we didn't want to carry them around BIrmingham we asked if they could be held until Sunday. The shop wasn't open on Sunday, so now I have to leave early tonight in order to collect them before it shuts at 5.00. That's the plan, anyway. It will probably be thwarted by traffic, but we shall see. It doesn't help that I can't remember which charity shop it was except by its location...

The evening was finished off by drinks at the Yard of Ale (I wish annoying people wouldn't hover behind us on the ItBox shouting out the wrong answers...) until I started feeling light-headed from lack of food, and then heading back via Sainsbury's to get stuff to make a curry.

On Sunday we were meant to head into Birmingham again to see the Rainbow Voices, but I was knackered so we didn't bother. Instead we ended up taking the DVDs back a day late and going to Lidl for eggs and olive oil...

My mum and David have bought a new cat, named Rum (short for Rum Tum Tugger), who is ginger and very lanky and adorable. They don't own him yet due to the RSPCA having to do a home visit to make sure the house is cat-safe, but Paul and I will be invited to visit once he's there... YAY CAT!

Now I want a cat. We've half-agreed to get one after Christmas...

This week I am training the temp who's taking over from me next week. So far, so good. It feels weird knowing this is my last week here... fresh new fields on Monday.