September 12th, 2006

Farscape - Stark - hidden talents

New things.

Last night I made possibly the healthiest meal in a while, though that was rather negated by the sheer amount of it.

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I also did this with home-made garlic bread (yes, I am a kitchen goddess) and it was lovely. There was rather a lot of it, so I had the rest for my lunch today... The only bad thing was that the yoghurt overpowered the pesto flavour a little bit, so I might try it with double cream next time (just to make it slightly less healthy...)

Tonight I'm leaving work at about 5.30 to go to a rehearsal for the City of Birmingham Choir (if I can find the bloody place), in the hope of auditioning next week. Christmas just isn't Christmas without a good sing-song, so I'm biting the bullet and trying to join up. Here's hoping my soprano hasn't withered and died. Wish me luck!
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