September 13th, 2006

MH - Phil - bee fear

I hate September.

When you're at young, you hate September because it means the summer holidays are over and you have to go back to school. Then you finish school or university, and you start thinking in real years rather than academic years, where they start in January and end in December, rather than starting in September and ending in July...

So, the reason I hate September nowadays is twofold.

1. The buses are full of screaming children and obnoxious teenagers. (We ourselves were never screaming or obnoxious, of course.)

2. The bloody craneflies come out of hibernation. And this year, they have a warrant out for my imminent demise. Five in the space of 48 hours is a little excessive, don't you think?

Like moths, craneflies - or daddylonglegs for the uninitiated - are that same pointless sort of creature which comes out at night and heads towards light. Except craneflies are worse because they come out during the day as well. So far, there have been three in our kitchen (one on Tuesday night, two last night), the first of which I actually saw and had legs that must've been about three inches long. Paul killed the second two for me last night, because I'd already been harrassed by one flying around the bus on the way home. That was particularly horrible because it's a relatively enclosed space and you can't scream, run away, or ask someone to kill it, because they'll probably laugh at you. Finally, there was another one sitting on our front door this morning when I opened it - and not, I noted as I walked down the road, on anyone else's.

They're stalking me, the bastards.

Bear in mind that this is a creature that is entirely designed in appearance and movement to make my flesh crawl, and that could very easily kill people if it had a mouth with which to administer its poison. This does not reassure me, mouth or no mouth. It was also about this time last year when one of them skittered out from behind my PC at work and then disappeared again, which made me paranoid for about two weeks. Given the latest invasion, that memory is doing nothing for my nerves...

Anyway. In more pleasant news, I went to the rehearsal for CBC last night and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I had a bit of a wibble at the start when I couldn't quite hit a top F, but once I'd given my vocal cords a bit of a workout I was hitting the top Bs with the best of them. (The piece is really hard work and has altos hitting a high F at one point... but then, Michael Brewer got the entire choir up to the E above top C when we were rehearsing Carmina Burana, which was really impressive...)

It's a choir full of the usual sort of mad middle-aged women, and I've arranged an audition for next week at 6.00. I'll be doing the 'Pie Jesu' from Fauré's Requiem because I know it fairly well and the music won't be that difficult to get hold of. I'm hoping to try and get hold of it in the next couple of days so they don't have to find it for me...

I think I've rambled on quite long enough...
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