September 26th, 2006

Buffy - The Four

New job, etc.

It's been a while, though not as long as when I was off sick... Am using internet at the new job surrepticiously at the moment since only the upper-type legals should have internet access.

New job is fine. It's a bit quiet at the moment, so I currently have nothing to do. The work here is mostly lots of short tapes containing letters, memos and faxes, with the occasional application forms or cover sheets to break up the tedium. There's also been a Cabinet Report that I tidied up for one of the Snr Soicitors... So, quite different from CP, and I've had to learn to slow myself down to make the work last a bit longer. Everything has a 24 hour turnover, but I'm still used to doing that for CP minutes...

I miss my old job at the moment but I'm thinking of it in terms of the bereavement process. I've been through 'denial' (in that I kept feeling, stupidly, as though this new job was a temporary position) and am now accepting of it. I emailed Amanda, Ivy, Natasha and Tina H this morning (deliberately excluding Sandra, obviously) to let them know I was settled in. I've been without email for a week as well, so the lulls in work have been unbearable to the point that I've read the Quality Assured System handbook twice... Anyway, apparently Keli (who was meant to be Sandra's other half) has had to be moved to GCH because they're understaffed, and Sonia - my replacement - has left already because there was too much work. Wuss. She should've seen the backlog I came back to in August. That was a lot of work.

She was also moaning when I left about the fact that a lot of the work was copy typing, because Tina had said it was audio. Er, no. 'Fraid not. We had a hectic week that week, too, and I was helping Ivy with queries, so I think possibly this may have scared her off. Sandra was also on leave - except for her little gatecrashing incident at lunch - so Sonia wasn't fully inducted to my life there... part of me really wants to believe Sandra drove her out.

SO they're currently typistless at LAO as well as at SHAO. Part of me wants to go back there part-time - on the days Sandra isn't there, of course - to help them out... but I know I can't, really... It's a shame I had to leave in the first place, but I just couldn't cope with that woman any more...

What else...? Oh, yes, yesterday I was very ill and queasy so had to leave at lunchtime and go home, on the basis that if I was going to throw up (or otherwise), I'd rather be in my own flat than at the office. Luckily I had enough flex to cover it. I got it all out of my system once I was in - and nearly threw up on the bus, it should be noted - and felt much better...

A man is coming to install cable for us on Friday, so, even though my computer is still buried, I should be able to check email and stuff on Lisa's if I ask nicely. We're going to sort out the router and such at a later date, but at least we'll have cable telly upstairs and a landline at some point.

And yes, there are still boxes everywhere. But I learnt how to make cottage pie on Sunday, so things are looking up.
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