October 11th, 2006

Random - Absinthe!

Birthday / Hallowe'en

For anyone that didn't get the email I sent for whatever reason (some addresses came back as deceased), here are the details for my birthday drinking for those that wish to come...

Saturday 14 October 2006, 7.00pm onwards, at the Wellington Hotel (Bristol Street). Directions given on request.

I'll be in the back where the cabaret is.

Depending on interest - and subsequently, the day also depending on whether or not there's anything significant happening at the Welly - I may be having a Hallowe'en party on either Friday 27 or Saturday 28 October, which will obviously be at the flat. Assuming I can get the boxes out of the way, anyway.

If nobody wants to come then it probably won't happen, as so far I've only mentioned it to our housemate and she seemed up for it. Hallowe'en festivities lie in your hands, people...
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