October 30th, 2006

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Life Update.

Long time no post. Hope everyone is still alive and still has me friended; if not - eh, it's your loss. :P

In brief:

~ had very nice Thai food and plenty of time off work to enjoy my birthday and received lots of nice things, including every episode ever of Dangermouse and Jack Sparrow's hat.

~ visited London from 20th to 23rd October (ended up staying one night longer than intended) to see The Producers and Avenue Q and thefleshfailure and lots of animals, which were all very enjoyable. We spent too much money and giggled quite a lot. There'll be a proper write-up, complete with pictures, when - as usual - I have a computer again.

~ had a Hallowe'en gathering on Saturday that comprised a total of five people but was quite pleasant nonetheless. Watched a very silly B-movie called Vault of Horror that completely defied any logic we tried to attach to it.

Other than that, I am currently quite irked by the following:

~ we bought a £289 Dyson on Sunday for £180, but had to have the display model due to them selling out. We got it home to discover the bloody hose was missing so I have to go back to Currys (in the Bull Ring) to shout at another gormless sales assistant. That's after I spend an hour trying to find one.

~ Argos, and their persistence in not reordering the black chandelier that I want for the bedroom (it's only small and £20). I spotted it back in September when I had a £20 voucher to spend, and their helpful stock-check machine told me that the sales assistant could order one for me. The sales assistant couldn't order one - in fact, she couldn't even tell me when the next batch would be arriving, or even ordered in. Let it be noted that they have apparently sold out city-wide; so basically 3000 people in Birmingham have ordered the same lampshade. Er, right. Of course they have. I tried again earlier and still no joy, so I suspect they may quietly discontinue it without actually telling anyone, which is incredibly annoying. (I wonder if city-wide includes Oldbury... or if I can order it online, which may be my last resort.)

~ in summary - Argos R suck.

~ the flat is falling apart, literally. The curtain runners in the living room AND the bedroom have both fallen out of the wall because the plaster and brickwork is crap (but at least the one in the living room still works) and now the sink is coming away from its mounting... Also, the pressure on the boiler doesn't want to stay where we set it, and the stairs smell musty. I can't complain too much because it's a very old house, but still, I'm beginning to see why the rent is so cheap...

~ Birmingham trying to be London. Paul and I both bought funky trainers in Sole in London's Neal Street (near Covent Garden) only to discover an exact replica of the same shop - with the same trainers and the same sale - yesterday. This is annoying, as it rather negates the "I went all the way to London for these!" factor of buying them.

~ The Bull Ring also R suck.

I need to get back to work...
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