November 20th, 2006

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I am still alive.

All of the Solicitors and Legal Assistants are at an away day today so we ran out of work in our room at about 10.00 and started hijacking it from the other two teams (who always seem to have twice as much.) I am learning to slow my typing speed down so as not to run out of work. I'm far too used to enormous documents - and probably that three-week backlog after I was ill didn't help, either.

My computer is no longer buried and Ben is (hopefully) coming over on Sunday to look at it and advise on networking, so with any luck I will have internet access by Christmas. (On that note, Telewest are being bastards, but never mind that.) The bedroom looks more presentable now and this weekend we're going to attempt to rearrange the living room.

My mum got us our chairs from Ikea (should get those on Saturday) and is going to get our Christmas tree from Homebase. I'm determined to have the place at least vaguely presentable by Christmas...

The new Dyson is bloody wonderful. :)

I am a member of the City of Birmingham Choir and did my first concert on Saturday, a performance of Berlioz's Te Deum. There is a Christmas carol concert on Sunday 17 December at 2.30pm if anyone's interested, or we'll be carol singing in the Bull Ring on 6 December, 1.30 to 3.30. Hurrah, carols!

Also, here's two annoying things:

1) My website appears to have become deceased, as does the host site ( I'm not sure if the latter is due to annoying work internet access, so if anyone could check that for me I would be very grateful. I also can't get into my account to even check if they emailed/advised me of anything. It's not such a problem for the site itself as all the content is on my hard drive, but it's all the pictures I had saved on there which bothers me, as I'll need time to go back through old LJ entries trying to find dead links so I can recreate the file systems and just argh.

2) Sainsbury's never have any bread when I want to buy any. We normally get Warburton's white because it's the nicest non-fresh bread and we both like it. Except Sainsbury's didn't have any, so I had to get Hovis square white instead... which used to be really nice, except now they've changed the recipe and put "wholemeal goodness" in it. Here's the thing: if I want brown bread, I'll buy brown bread. I want white bread, ergo I do not want "wholemeal goodness" in there. The "best of both" stuff mings. I'm eating healthily enough; stop shoving it down my throat.

That is all.

I just thought I'd resurface as it's quiet, since Eni texted me to make sure I was still alive...

I haven't checked my friends list in well over two months, so if anything deathly interesting has happened, feel free to email me or leave links in comments. Ta.
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