November 24th, 2006

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Rubbish television redeems itself.

I never, in a million years, thought I would end up willingly sitting down to watch I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!" for any extensive period of time. This is mostly due to thinking "Who the Hell are these people?" and because its only redeeming feature is Ant and Dec. (They are obviously a gestalt entity.)

However, this year they have managed to outdo themselves and given me more than enough reason to sit down and watch it, with the presence of the fabulous Faith Brown.

As to how I made this discovery - yes, it was through actually watching it. But in fairness to Paul and I, we were waiting for the Teleport Movies to start working again to watch Misery and decided to see what horrors I'm A Celebrity... had in store this year. They were reading out the nominations for the next challenge in their usual first-name-only format and ‘Faith’ popped up, but without a clear view of the face.

Eventually I twigged it was Faith Brown because of her very distinctive nose and *ahem* lung capacity. And even if that hadn’t done it, the hands* definitely would. (Memories abound of that final performance of Sunset Boulevard, Faith’s manic Norma Desmond hand gestures, and a flying bejewelled ring…)

So now I have to watch and make sure she wins. Because she rocks and is wonderful.

The really terrible thing is that it’s taken I’m A Celebrity… to prod my inner fangirl, who is now waving a little flag to tell me she’s still alive. It could at least have been, I don’t know, watching the frelling film or something. *eye roll*

* It’s all in the hands for me when it comes to characters. Somehow it makes sense for Norma Desmond to have long spidery fingers, just as it makes the same amount of sense for Jack Sparrow to, or Spike, or (obviously) Erik. Don’t ask me why. It’s also exactly why Shakespeare in Love really irritated me because Joseph Fiennes hands were too chunky to be a writer.
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