December 14th, 2006

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Party time.


Instead of the usual Christmas Eve drinking at the Briar Rose, things will be slightly different this year. Instead, you are all cordially invited to the flat on Friday 22 December from 8.00ish until whenever you want to go home (but, er, preferably before Christmas Eve...).

This is mostly because neither Paul nor I will be spending Christmas with our respective families this year so we're inviting immediately family over on Christmas Eve instead, for the handing over of presents and drinking of alcohol.

The following people already know about this and, AFAIK, are still coming:

~ falling_softly
~ flatline2010
~ last_dance (who I ran into recently at the German market and emailed about it)
~ Denise
~ some Inline types
~ some of Paul's mates

Hence, this is mostly for the attention of:

~ frightened
~ herringprincess & wrysprygoat
~ anyone else who fancies coming along if they think they can make it.

Sleeping accommodation shouldn't be a problem if anyone needs to stay over, as there is a double bed and double mattress upstairs, as well as one small sofa, one larger sofa (which was a bed originally anyway) and some floor if that's not enough. The only problem would be duvets since we only have one spare one and some blankets, so if you need to stay over a sleeping bag would be advisable.

We will most likely lay on some party food (crisps, etc.) but bringing your own drinks would be the best thing to do.

If you need my address and/or directions on how to get there, let me know by text, comment or email. I will endeavour to try and check Yahoo regularly but it's quite tricky at the moment to get internet access (I'm only typing this entry because there's no work to do and the LJ update page looks fairly innocuous...) so texting would be the best thing to do.

In other news, we recently saw Pan's Labyrinth, which was amazing... Some definite shades and influences of Labyrinth (duh), Legend and Alice in Wonderland, plus a few others, and the violence was a lot more graphic than I could've imagined. It's not for those with a weak stomach, and the scariest bit is definitely the second challenge - although it certainly makes the phrase 'hand to eye coordination' take on a whole new meaning.

Highly recommended, so try and catch it where you are (especially if you live in Birmingham) before the cinemas stop showing it.

Two exciting things are happening in the cinema, also, though damned if I can find anywhere that's showing either of them:

~ digitally remastered BFI release of The Wizard of Oz
~ The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D (dude!! I mean... DUDE!)

I'm currently scouring the Metro cinema listings pages for any mention, but no joy so far. IMAX seems to be showing everything 3D but NBC3D so I'm getting a little irritated now. Birmingham sucks. :(

Also, Hitherto Unknown Problem With Our Flat No. 738: the front window leaks. Or, at least, the wall does. Which would explain why it's so bloody cold in there.

PS: herringpricess - please can you find out Josi's email address for me? I keep forgetting to email and ask you. Ta very much. :)
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