December 18th, 2006

Random - Garbo


Please note, before reading, that I am full of horrible PMT and this may be impairing my judgement a little tiny bit...

Reasons why I hate Christmas more and more each year:

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I'm sure there are a few more than that as well, but I'll be here all day if I don't stop. This is basically a wordier version of Collapse )

As a perfect example, take Collapse )

I have another week of work and then two weeks off (except Tuesday 2 January, when I have to be in), and I can already tell it's going to drag its arse to Friday on purpose just to be annoying. I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, and I'm meant to fit in far too much into too few days:

~ inviting grandmother and uncle over for dinner before Christmas, possible on Wednesday;
~ wrapping presents and writing / makings cards (yeah, fuck that) and getting things sent to various people before Christmas (not going to happen);
~ party for friends on Friday;
~ party for family on Sunday (Christmas Eve);
~ food shopping at some point so I can actually make Christmas dinner;
~ make Christmas cake.

AND THERE IS NO TIME. It's so frustrating I could cry, but that wouldn't be very productive.

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I'm sure everyone will permit me to die quietly on Christmas Day, and I apologise in advance to anyone who bothers to come on Friday if I'm a moody cow.

*kills Christmas*
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