December 21st, 2006

MH - Matthew - WTF?!

Ten thousand spoons...

If there’s one thing you can say about our flat, it’s that it has a marvellous sense of irony.

The timer on the boiler has decided to pack up, right in time for Christmas, and more importantly, right in time for the landlord to have buggered off on holiday.

Came home last night to find the place was cold because the heating hadn’t come on, so I reset the timer and wound it up. Woke up this morning at 6.00am with cramp in my leg and realised, upon getting up to ease the pain, that the radiator was on (and wasn’t meant to be for another hour). This confused me considerably because my alarm hadn’t gone off but the house felt like 7.30am temperature…

I reset the thing again this morning but it wasn’t ticking when I left, so I just turned it off instead.

This does somewhat beg the question as to whether we should have to keep ‘winding up’ the clock on the boiler, really. I suspect we actually shouldn’t. Somehow I doubt this means that Trevor will concede to buying a new boiler, as he’ll get his plumber/gasman mate to fix it and that’ll be it until it breaks again.

Also, did I mention the front window leaks? There’s a big crack all the way around the window at the top and the other day there was a trail of water dripping down the inside of the frame. Nice. Also, when Jenny was around the other day she said that apparently sometimes you can hear water dripping inside the wall between the bedroom and living room, mostly likely because the other half of the attic is in terrible condition.

Which explains why whenever Trevor comes around for whatever reason, he goes on about how we’re getting such a good deal – he knows full well the condition of the place...

PS: For anyone who's coming Friday and needs a place to sleep, we now have another duvet, so you may not need a sleeping bag.