January 8th, 2007

JC - cockroach OTP - J/M


Well, we finally have heating again.

Phil (Trevor's mate) came on Saturday to fit the new boiler. Of course, he managed to light the pilot light on the old one on the first frelling attempt, where we'd failed four times, but nevertheless he replaced it anyway. The bloody thing's only going to break again in a few more months so it's probably more than worth his while.

We got up ridiculously early, considering it was a Saturday, as he was due to arrive at 8.30. Since he didn't need our help with anything we went about our business, and wandered to the King's Cafe to have breakfast. This cafe is frelling marvellous - they do steak for breakfast. Steak! For £3.80!

Then we did a bit of shopping and killed some time by ambling slowly along the High Street, including a couple of side roads, but we managed to cram in a few bargains in the process. Firstly I got some work boots from Evans for £25, reduced from £70, that were actually in a size four. They have some other nice ones in brown that I might go back for, if they fit, which were £35 as normal price. As much as Evans must be praised for doing boots in a wide leg fitting, the only annoying thing is they naturally assume that if you have abnormally fat legs, you must also have abnormally wide feet - which is the exact opposite of my problem. But I won't start on the knee-high boot moan because the basic fact of the matter is that I need to just do some bloody exercise and being on anti-baby tablets makes me fat, so for now I must be accepting of my stupid legs.

We also discovered Iceland and got some very nice (as it transpired) salmon fillets for a fiver. Also got a nice duvet set from Roseby's.

We got back with shopping at about 11.20, which was a very weird feeling indeed, as that's when we're normally thinking about trying to get up. By that point Phil and his son had managed to get the behemoth boiler off the wall (this alone had taken about 2 hours). We sat and watched The Mighty Boosh Live on DVD, including all the extras, which kept us amused for a couple of hours, and nodded off for a nap at about 4.30 or thereabouts.

We woke up and Phil had still not finished installing the boiler. I think, all in all, it took about 9 hours to finish the job, and he finally packed up his gear at 6.30ish. I went out to Sainsbury's to get something for dinner, some paracetemol and some Olbas oil for Paul, and by the time I was back we had heating. Glorious heating!

Of course, I've now had to turn the radiator down in the kitchen because it's so overpowering, but I suppose after two weeks without any central heating we've sort of acclimatised, and I'm used to it anyway. Phil is coming back with his gas certfication friend in a couple of weeks to make sure the boiler is up to standard, at which point he will also put in a false floor under the washing machine to enable easier moving of it. About time, says I. The feet on the washing machine keep getting caught under the flooring whenever anyone tries to move it out from under the counter - and considering the gas pressure tap is behind the frellnik, easier access would be muchly appreciated.

Anyway, hurrah for heating! The hot water pressure is also much better, and there's a digital timer so it's a lot more reliable. You can also handily set it to turn itself off from constant at a set time (or on), which will come in handy at the weekends when we're freezing between 2.00 and 5.00pm.

So that was Saturday. Boosh Live, incidentally, is frelling hilarious.

On Sunday we took down the Christmas decorations (a day late) and tidied the living room. We were supposed to go to Lidl to get stuff for sandwiches, but someone wanted to go to the pub first, and we ended up getting to Lidl half an hour after it had closed. I had a bit of a strop about it and focused my rage into changing the bed linen. I watched Nanny McPhee in the evening, then had a shower, and then changed my MP3 playlist and read over some old LJ entries that I'd done in Word (I presume they're from when we had dial-up at my mum's and I could only go online after 6.00pm), went to bed at about 11.30 and then sat up for about an hour scribbling in my paper diary.

Some of the stuff will be cleaned up and written on LJ possibly tomorrow (I'm going to type it up tonight) as it focuses on trying to work out what went wrong in 2005, as my dramatic 'recovery' was triggered by the start of 2006. I'll put the entire thing under a cut for those that don't want to read my introspections, but I was trying to put things into perspective a bit last night after reading entries from about three years ago.

Anyway, that's everything.

Oh, except that we went to see The Wizard of Oz at Cineworld on the morning of 3 Janary, which was an amazing experience. It was only ruined by the confused man coming in 10 minutes from the end and eating popcorn as noisily as possible, and the fact that it was at Cineworld. They used to be a really good cinema, but since they have competition from the much superior AMC (at least, IMHO) only a ten-minute walk away (which is also cheaper), they seem to be 'pulling firsts' with the selected-release movies like Wizard of Oz (which is a BFI digitally remastered version which is touring the country) or Pan's Labyrinth but then not treating them properly. As an example, they were only showing WoO at 11.10 in the morning. I accept that it's the Christmas holidays, but nevertheless, the only people who are likely to be able to get to see it are the kids, who won't be interested, or anyone not at work. It doesn't help that the cinema is on Broad Street and most of the clientele they attract are only interested in movies with big explosions...

On that note, the Electric has somewhat ruined its reputation for showing obscure films, as all they seem to manage of late is to show the mainstream stuff a month after everyone else, for twice the price. I've heard nothing of RHPS coming back there, either, although that has been somewhat overshadowed by the horrifying "Sing-along-a-Rocky" at the Alexandra, which is the same thing but without the full, live cast performing along with it. The last thing I saw there was Coffee & Cigarettes about a year and a half ago, just after it reopened.

See, if I ran the Electric, I would compliment the new 1920s decor by showing old silent movies, maybe just once or twice a month, a few classics like Casablanca, some modern obscure films that you wouldn't find showing anywhere else, and a few mainstream flicks to keep the moronic teenagers quiet, not to mention bringing back RHPS. Alas, I think it would instantly die a non-takings death, and there's always the problem of said 'classics' being very difficult to obtain in the first place.

Sigh. Sometimes, Birmingham, you suck.

Anyway, all that being said, I should sign this off.