January 18th, 2007

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In addition to yesterday's post - well, specifically, the final sentence that sparked the barrage of comments...

It was actually intended to be slightly sarcastic, and I'm somewhat surprised it even got a response (especially since nobody ever pays any bloody attention usually :P), let alone a string of them.

All comments received are fair. Yes, I'm not around as much and yes, I realise that often there is nothing to be said. What you all have to understand is that even when I was updating almost regularly, I was getting the same amount of comments that I am now. This says nothing for the quality of my more recent posts - or the popularity of them? - but of the earlier ones.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say. Collapse )

I'm going to stop there. I don't think I've properly explained. And I have work to do (for once).

I'm not asking to surround myself with serial commenters. All I ask is that when I try and post something interesting, it's acknowledged. Otherwise it just feels like I'm wasting internet space with my pointless journal diarrhoea.
Cabaret - Maybe This Time

New Year's Resolutions.

Right, now that's out of my system...

These are a bit belated, but I try not to make too many because I never end up sticking to them. Although the past couple of years, that wasn't technically my fault...

So, here we go.

1. Get fit and lose weight. I am working on this. I'm eating less than I was before and I'm definitely eating more healthily (less processed/frozen foods, more actual stuff-I've-made-myself). Although I am eating a lot of potatoes, which fill me full of starch and carbs. I lost a bit of weight when I was ill, but that was due to, well, not actually eating very much, and sleeping 75% of the day... So, yes, I shall attempt to get fit and lose weight. This will hopefully be achieved very shortly by going swimming locally with herringprincess. I've also been toying with the idea of rock climbing but the last time I tried accessing the website for the big Birmingham place it wouldn't load. There's a place in Moseley called the Epic Centre that appears to be open, but I'm not entirely sure if it's just full of ravers... Anyway, I'll investigate that one more when I have some money.

2. Get organised. I'm currently struggling to get out of bed at 7.40am and out of the house in 20 minutes, which just won't do. As a knock-on effect I end up going to McDonalds for breakfast. We're trying to keep on top of making lunch for work the day before (it's a lot cheaper) but I need to work on getting up in time for breakfast...

3. Get the flat sorted. It's mostly organised now, but there's still some boxes upstairs that I'd like to go through, and a lot of books to sort out and put on shelves. When we've bought shelves. I also want to get the place decorated, and figure out where to put all my pictures...

And, actually, those are the only three. Any more and I'd be going into unattainable territory.
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