January 25th, 2007

Spuffy - with or without

I am important.

Or, at least, I did something this morning which FELT important. More important than just typing, anyway.

One of the Senior Solicitors in the Adults & Communities Team was rushing off to a meeting elsewhere and needed a letter typing up urgently. Normally the secretary does the typing for that team (or they do it themselves) but as Sue was busy and I'd just walked in the responsibility felt onto me. Afterwards I had to fax it to a third party and also to the Solicitor at wherever she was. I was entrusted with her mobile number, etc., etc.

This felt remarkably important, since normally all the WPOs do is type and that's it. And occasionally help out with PC trouble and miscellaneous MS Word-related issues. You'd think the lack of responsibility here compared to what I had to undertake daily at Ladywood would be, well, a relief.

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In other news, Birmingham is once again stuck in a snow-free bubble. I'm convinced the Council has put up a forcefield. 'Snot fair. Of course, it could have been equally unfair and snowed whilst I had the beginnings of my cold instead of the end of it, so I couldn't go out and play in it. But Paul won't have a snowball fight with me anyway, the spoilsport. :(

In other other news, we should be internetted at home this weekend, which is something of a relief.

I do believe that's everything.
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