February 5th, 2007

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New month, new diet.

It is now February. Well, okay, it has been February for the past five days, but as today is Monday it feels like a better starting point. And my resolution for February was to make a start on my simply-but-effectively-named "soup diet".

The original plan was to eat nothing but soup for lunch until I lost some weight. However, I now realise that this is a very stupid plan, so it's been varied to eating soup for lunch for the first week of every month, with some extra variations for days like Tuesday, when I'm in work until 6.00 and don't get home until 9.15. And, of course, it includes the other sundries like a nice bread roll with butter and a yogurt.

So, I started it this morning. So far, so good. Half a tin of soup, a crusty roll and a yogurt are actually surprisingly filling. My plan for tomorrow thus far is to take sandwiches for lunch and then finish off the other half-tin of soup at about 5.30 before I leave work so I'm not dying of starvation at choir later.

With the swimming, proposed bike-obtaining-and-then-riding in the summer, and also possibly trampolining and rock climbing, funding allowing (and assuming the Epic Centre IS still there and isn't full of ravers after all - because really, the prospect of a building full of high climbing walls and drunken, stoned/high/E'd-off-their-faces people does NOT sound like a good plan to me) I will hopefully start to lose some weight at some point.

And as soon as I have some bathroom scales I will do my very best to bore you all to death with my monthly weigh-ins. :P

Anyway, I'd best get back to the complete lack of anything work-related...
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