February 7th, 2007

MH - teH Snuggle - D/Y

A few random things.

There has been an IT-type man wandering around our office lately sorting out various problems and making sure everyone is on the correct versions of things. My Lotus Notes is now blue and has pretty letterheads (which makes a change from the horrible 256-colour pixellated things they used before). Yesterday he was asking everyone if they had internet access... so I said I did, but it was an old Social Care and Health password. Which is true.

It seems like they may be gearing up to give everyone in Legal Services internet access, rather than just the solicitors. Which is nice. In SC&H we had access so we could look at stuff on Care Knowledge. It may be there's a similar thing for Legal. But anyway, it's a very nice gesture...

In other news, I am getting quite into Ugly Betty right now. I wasn't sure what to expect when it was advertised, but it has proven itself to be very good. I just hope, like everything else clever to come out of America, that it doesn't get cancelled before its prime.

And, yes, I'm already shipping it. But considering I've not had the energy to watch or ship very much of anything before now, I'm quite pleased about that.

I've also started watching Most Haunted again since discovering their new medium (Gordon?) is no longer there and Derek has been fully replaced by the ever-loveable David Wells. Of course, Derek's absence is still obvious at times, but I'm more than happy with David taking his place. The next live show, whenever it is, is in Transylvania, so that should be really good. I'm quite liking the new format for Most Haunted Extra as well, with Karl giving away little secrets of television, although it's still not as good as the Series 5 episodes with the silly outtakes. I wish they'd find a format and stick to it...

Seether's "Broken" was on my MP3 player this morning and I got slightly nostalgic for the good old days of MH, before it went overseas and Derek and Yvette started snarking. (The reason being that "Broken" provided the lyrics for my old D/Y LJ layout... and the animated icon used in this post, in dedication to the moment I squealed like a lunatic and fell off the sofa...)

Anyway. I also randomly missed Asa this morning too, although frell knows why. He was just heading off to Gran Canaria when we went to the Welly on my birthday, and I didn't actually get to say goodbye at the end of the night because a certain someone was too drunk and moaning to go home. We were supposed to give Sober Paul one of our mobile numbers to get in touch in case he came back (which was Asa's suggestion, not just presumptuousness on our part) and forgot.

I dunno, it's just not the same without Vanilla...

Also, and finally, I was re-reading my paper journal the other night, and it seems the apathy that took over everything started as early as December 2004, although at least at that point I still had the mental capacity to whinge about it. I think the lull in writing came around February 2005, as there is a lull at that point until I was first going out with Paul in April, when I started writing things down for posterity. And then it completely dries up again until about October.

Maybe I should stop trying to figure out when I went crazy. But since I already know why, I keep trying to backtrack to find the initial starting point. Possibly that was just 'leaving Uni' or 'getting a job'.

Anyway, I should sign this one off.
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