February 8th, 2007

Edward - snow


Finally, I have an excuse to use this icon. I thought saving it was a portent of doom as far as it actually snowing was concerned.


It's really coming down in the city centre, too. There were rumours of there being six to seven inches overnight, but that was rather a vast overstatement, at least in Kings Heath (two inches, if that). I imagine up where my mum is it's either frozen over or a lot deeper. And the local chav kids will've knocked the grit bins over again so nobody can use them. Bad times.

But at least it's actually snowing. Good times!

Of course, it couldn't have waited a week until I'm off next Thursday, could it? And I bet all the kids who have half-term next week are annoyed, too... although the heating seems to break in the majority of schools these days so they'll probably be off anyway. (That's good Council-maintained buildings for you. :P)

Snooow, my preetty! Snooooooow!

Went swimming again last night, but only for an hour, and I don't ache in the slightest. As herringprincess said, is this because I am fitter, or because we swam less? Anyway, I'm already starting to feel some benefits of it. It was fucking freezing last night, but after an hour of healthy swimming I left the building and didn't feel the cold. I was tired but had good reason to be, and seemed to be slightly hyperactive when I got back.

I'm hoping even if I don't lose that much weight (which I'm hoping I do anyway) regular exercise will at least be good for my mental state and general fitness levels... and swimming is supposed to be very good for asthma, too.

On the downside, my hairband AND swimming cap both broke before I even got in the pool last night, so I'll have to fork out for another one. Or at least get better hairbands.
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